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New World Order Climate End Game ~ The Lies Continue Right Now: Cancun Copenhagen Treaty In Mexico November 2010


Coldest Winter In 1,000 Years On Its Way ~~ While Fear Mongers Of Global Warming, Laugh All The Way To The Bank!

30,000 Scientist Sue Al Gore For Global Fraud: No Global Warming – NASA: Planet Cooling Since 2003

Solar Minimum-Quiet Sun, Warns Of Deadly Cold And Snow Ahead: While British Controlled Air Waves, Pump Global Warming Lies!

Ice Age Commeth : Weather From Other Parts of the World – 2010

Earth On The Brink Of An Ice Age – Pravda.Russia

Obama Perpetuating Fraudulent Climate Data: America’s Children Suffering Sleep Disturbances And Nightmares

Teutonic Zionist Bloomberg, Calls For Carbon Tax On The Middle East: Funnels Money For Air Into Chicago For Rahm Emanuel!

Criminal Scientists With Prince Charles (The British Monarchy) Involved With ‘Fraudulent Peer Review’ in Deliberately Deceiving The World On Climate Data!

America Is Watching Michael Bloomberg: Disgraced Fannie Mae Part Of Obama’s Carbon Scheme!

United Nations Told To Stay The Hell Out Of Economic Issues!

Gore Defrauds America – Direct Evidence : Buys $8.875 Million Mansion On Shoreline Where Coastal Towns Are To Be Swallowed By Melting Ice Caps!

Senator Harry Kerry Regurgitates Globalist Climate Propaganda: Line By Line On Senate Floor, Senator James Inhofe Exposes Soros Fraud!

Remember All The Bullshit? Angels And Demons Of Climate Hoax


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