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Rockefeller Clan Have NOW moved To Underground Shelter In India: While The Rest Of Humanity Burns!

Shock Begins To Turn To Anger In Japan


OBAMA: Rothschild, Blue Beam Soros, Bloomberg, Rockefeller, Maurice Strong, Queen Of England Should Offer Help To Japanese!


  1. McCain/Obama’s CIA Responsible For 600 Acts Of Terrorism In Syria: Rothschild Czar Benjamin Netanyahu Prepares To Attack Syria.
  2. Breaking 8/10/2013 U.S. Corporate Government Encircles China With Fighter Jets & Stealth Bombers: To Quell Any Chinese Aid To Syria After A Netanyahu Israeli Attack. Plus Our Decommissioned Fighter Jets For U.S. Defense!
  3. The Reckoning: Released Tapes On Rothschild Rockefeller: Evil Never Sleeps & Eternal Vigilance Is Action Against Evil ~ 4 Tapes From 1987!
  4. THOSE FIGHTING BACK: Leaving King Henry The VIII’s State Church: 1000 Australian Anglican Hierarchs ~ Returning To Rome!

Iceland March 2010

  1. Compared with the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers are pikers
  2. Rothschilds and Rockefellers Exposed on Audio!!!


JAPAN White Dragon Society And Allies After Rothschild’s Ass ~ Where’s Nathaniel Rothschild Hold Up, In A Bunker Too?

A young evacuee from vincity of Tokyo Electric Power Co.‘s Fukushima Nuclear Plant shows fatigue at a evacuation shelter in Kawamata, Fukushima Prefecture Sunday March 13, 2011.

  1. Breaking => Banking Cabalist’s Global Warming Scheme Blown Out Of The Water: NASA Satellite Data.
The White Dragon Society and its allies are appealing for calm and a negotiated solution!
“The earthquake and tsunami attack on Japan by the British criminal corporate Washington D.C. cabal, was meant to intimidate the people of the world into submission.HAARP

Instead, it has provoked a threat by a very powerful group outside of the control of the White Dragon Society to “sink England, Italy and the United States into the ocean.”

The White Dragon Society and its allies are appealing for calm and a negotiated solution before the planet earth is destroyed. High level negotiations aimed at accomplishing exactly this are now taking place in Tokyo and Osaka.”

  1. Nuclear Reactors Causing Japan Radiation Built By Rockefeller Controlled GE.

Nuclear reactors causing Japan radiation build by Rockefeller controlled GE
It may be no coincidence that the nuclear reactors now exploding in Japan were all designed by the Rockefeller family controlled General Electric Corporation.It is also probably no coincidence that 24 members of the Rockefeller clan are now hiding in an underground shelter in India.

Recently a Rockefeller agent in Japan told me of a plan to build 500 nuclear reactors in China and then blow them up with an earthquake machine in order to “depopulate China.” It is critical to make sure there is no possibility of further active sabotage of the plants either by the use of human agents or else by the use of computer hacking.

All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order. -David Rockefeller

All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order. -David Rockefeller

“Why do you think Senator Jay Rockefeller is pushing so hard to censor the Internet?”

As he does every year, the Putative President filled out his brackets predicting the winners of the men’s and women’s NCAA basketball tournaments, but discussing it with Doris Burke of ESPN, he began with a call to stand with the people of Japan:

Are people thinking of how the Rothschilds, Blue Beam Soros, Bloomberg, Rockefeller, Maurice Strong, & The Queen Of England should come our of Isolation with their BILLIONS and help the Japanese people during this time of need.  If you go to usaid.gov — usaid.gov — that will list all the nonprofits, the charities that are helping out there.  It would be wonderful for people to maybe offer a little help to the Japanese people at this time — as they’re filling out their brackets.  It’s not going to take a lot of time.  That’s usaid.gov.  It could be really helpful.

A cross stands intact in front of a church that collapsed during Tuesday’s earthquake at the Canape Vert neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, Thursday, Jan. 14, 2010. (AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa)

Was The 2010 Haiti Earthquake Induced By Tesla?

There is concern among the international scientist community by the Russian Navy accusing The United States of provoking an earthquake using Tesla technology such as a sonic pulse.

  1. U.S. Congressman Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy: Peace & Respect ~ Not Intimidation, Bribes, & War.

They say this is a new way for British Imperialism to wage war, due to American’s becoming informed about the hoarding machinations of The Rothschilds via The Internet. The reality of The Internet alone, makes it impossible for the isolationist Rothschild, to hide his ‘eugenic/hoarding of revenue’ any more. United States Citizens are now decoupling such Fear tactics as the H1N1 or the 911 from natural crisis to one of Rothschild manufactured Big Pharma crisis to centralize global revenue into His City Of London Banking League.

  1. New York Times: Obama Races To Save Jewish Vote In Continuing His War Pushing Democracy Upon The Republic Of The United States.

Now Rothschild/NWO Gangbangers, are implementing an alternative way to take over resources different than the war on terror, now it is called “Humanitarian Invasion”.

Humanitarian Invasion By Orchestrated Induced Earthquakes Which Is Nothing New!

Study Haiti The British Controlled U.S. Government, wiped out Haiti through auspicious Humanitarian Aid. They tried Iceland, But Iceland ended up imprisoning some of Rothschild’s Banking Thieves ~ remember their 2010 Volcano??

  1. Iceland Checkmates: Criminal Goldmann Sachs – International Banking Cartel’s Extortion Ponzi Scheme For New World Order!
  1. 日本への地震兵器攻撃は米国のネバタ州とニューメキシコ州の米軍地下基地から発生した

ペンタゴンやCIA等からの情報によると、本日の日本への地震兵器による攻撃はパパブッシュなどナチ一派によるものだそうだ。同盟国であるはずのアメリカやペンタゴンへ要請する:戦車や兵士を使ってナチ一派の地下基地を攻撃してください。彼らの次の標的は米国西南部にあるニューマドリード地震地帯(New Madrid fault line)である。彼らの地震兵器基地はニューメキシコ州とネバタ州にある。ペンタゴンの正規軍であれば場所がわかるはずなので、その基地を抑えるべきだ。今回の日本への地震攻撃は40億人殺戮キャンペーンの始まりに過ぎないだろう。

Special bulletin: Earthquake attack on Japan originated in New Mexico and Nevada, U.S. New Madrid fault line next target.

The horrific earthquake weapon attack on Japan, resulting in 10 meter tsunamis along much of Japan’s coast line came from rogue elements of the U.S. government located in underground bases in New Mexico and Nevada, according to pentagon and CIA sources.

The next target will be the New Madrid fault line in the South-Western United States, according to threats originating from the Nazi George Bush Senior faction of the U.S. government.

The United States is supposed to be an ally of Japan, we demand that you immediately send men with tanks and guns to take these bases and arrest these genocidal rogues. You know who they are and you know where they are, you must act or your own people will be next.


Billy Gates

Billy Gates

Progressive Disease Of Elitism: Bill Gates – World’s New Innocuous Serial Killer ~ 47, 500 Cases Of Vaccine Paralysis Deaths.

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