Breaking => Obama Started Bombing Syria Tonight: Here’s What You Need To Know About Murdoch & Rothschild’s Illegal Golan Heights Oil In Syria!

The BBC reported just minutes ago (it’s 10:00 PM est here) that the U.S. and other nations have begun conducting airstrikes inside Syrian territory against Islamic State targets. Here’s four quick reasons this matters and what it means: Impotent ISIS: New World Order’s Fabricated Bogeyman!

Impotent ISIS: New World Order’s Fabricated Bogeyman!

Clip from September 15, 2014 – guest Texe Marrs on the Jeff Rense Program. Full program available in Archives at “Join with the International Action Center, Baltimore Pledge of Resistance, FIST and many others for an emergency action to Say No to U.S. War in the Middle East. For more info. call 443-221-3775.” Stop […]

Obama’s Boyfriends

NEW YORK (BHN) – In an interview on NBC’s Nightly News, “Lincoln” director Steven Spielberg drew comparisons between the iconic 16th president, and Barack Obama. “Lincoln advocated things that we hold dear today, like class warfare, gay marriage, and giving everybody a free cell phone,” said Spielberg. “He advocated that government can be a positive […]

London’s Reductionist Richard Dawkins: Gives “Mild” Pedophilia A Non Faux Pas.

London’s leading atheist thinker, Richard Dawkins, has told the Times magazine a little bit of mild pedophilia between men and boys did no “lasting harm”. Recounting his own experiences at the fingers of a schoolmaster who “pulled me on his knee and put his hand inside my shorts,” the zoologist told the Times that this kind […]

The Crash Heard Round the World: Saudi Arabia Ends Kissinger USD ‘Petro-Dollar’ For Oil Payments.

Putin kicked out the Rothschild bankers from his country [2006]. Putin interrupted the [Rothschild] US Government heroin trade supply routes out of Afghanistan. The elite banking chambers wish to remove Putin and to suppress Russia, but the sprawling nation is joined at the hip with China. Thus Russia cannot be isolated any more than a bear […]