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Obama’s Coup d’etat Of America: What If The Citizens Of The United States Knew The Truth?

  1. Obama’s Sneaky Treatises Can Be Blocked By The States & The U.S. Courts If They Contravene The U.S. Constitution.
  2. Obama’s Approaching Secret Corporate Fascist Coup: The Illegal TPP Treaty: SCOTUS Nor The Office Of President Have “STANDING” Against The Tenth Amendment & The Bill Of Rights.

Obama: Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire: A Stroll Along The Timeline.

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The Obama Timeline, Can It All Be  Coincidence?


A jury at a murder trial will often find the accumulated circumstantial evidence so  overwhelming that a guilty verdict is obvious—even though there may be no  witness to the crime.

“The jurors in the Scott Peterson trial believed the collection of evidence  more than they believed Scott Peterson. Among other things, the jury thought  that being arrested with $15,000 in cash, recently-dyed hair, a newly-grown  goatee, four cell  phones, camping equipment, a map to a new girlfriend’s house, a gun, and his  brother’s driver’s license certainly did not paint a picture of a grieving  husband who had nothing to do with his pregnant wife’s disappearance and  murder.”

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Obama : “The Tree Is Known By Its Fruit” : Compendium Of A Liar, Barry Soetoro aka; obama.

Vatican Matthew 12: 33-37

Either declare 23 the tree good and its fruit is good, or declare the tree rotten and its fruit is rotten, for a tree is known by its fruit.

24 You brood of vipers, how can you say good things when you are evil? For from the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks.

A good person brings forth good out of a store of goodness, but an evil person brings forth evil out of a store of evil.

25 I tell you, on the day of judgment people will render an account for every careless word they speak.

By your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.”

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You Lie Obama : Obama Creates/Back Doors Federally-Funded School-Based Planned Parenthood Clinics – Gore/Boxer



Al Gore, “Ignore your parents, older people don’t know.”

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Barry Soetoro aka; obama And The Banking Cartel Elites : Say Hello To Their New Las Vegas – Dubai!

Secret For America On Investing – (Dinars) – Globalists Know That America Will Need Oil – They Will Shut Down Iran -Iraq Is Virgin Surface Oil – Democrats Will Be Post Politics And Will Be Basking In United Arab Emirates (Dubai) When The Drop Comes. IOWs, Pelosi Could Give Shit By Then.

All you have to do is critically study climatology. Iraq was orchestrated beginning with Bill Clinton, by demonizing a 6’6″ skinny 160 lb. man carrying a kidney dialysis machine in the mountains of Pakistan.

If you ‘believe’ our covert warriors are unable to isolate such a person that is a 6’6″ – 160 lb (ARAB) male – that allegedly walks the mountains of Pakistan unencumbered, then send your money to the nearest

‘Space Settlement Research Center’ – See you in the next life!

Oh Don’t Forget – Russia Hopes To Fly Humans To Mars With Nuclear Spaceship

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Remember The Three Homosexual Members of Obama’s Church Murdered within 40 days?

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Three Members of Obama’s Church Killed

Investigator close to case believes there’s more to the brutal murders than mainstream press is letting on.

By Victor Thorn

Is a Barack Obama bombshell lurking in the shadows, waiting to derail one of the biggest Cinderella stories in recent history?

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