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Installing Of The Obama Mafia: Mel Reynolds Arrested On Porn Films, Jesse Jackson Jr Thief In Prison, & Those At Large!

Installing Of The Rothschild Mafia Blagojevich Awaits Obama In Prison! Obama’s Idiocracy February 18, 2014 Disgraced Democratic congressman Mel Reynolds arrested in Zimbabwe after allegedly making 100 porno films and taking 2,000 naked pictures in hotels Mel Reynolds was allegedly in the country illegally since December, making pornographic films in hotel rooms with at least 10 models […]

New Toy Searching For Islamic Head-Cutters: I guess Obama Is saying, United States Should Never Have Become The Nation That Protects Freedom

You spot an IED from a Predator or the guy on point spots it. An armored vehicle rolls up and zaps it with a laser, blowing the sucker up. No one has to don a suit or get out of a vehicle. Neat, huh? It’s not often that we’ll respond to a plain old company press […]


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