France & Germany Confirm Joining China’s (AIIB) Bank ~ A Rival To US-led Rothschild World Bank.

China's President Xi Jinping (3rd R) meets with the guests at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank launch ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing

China’s President Xi Jinping (3rd R) meets with the guests at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank launch ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing

Europeans defy US to join China-led bank:

The finance ministries of France and Germany have confirmed they’ll join China’s new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and Italy is expected to soon. Joining the rival to the US-led World Bank is seen as a setback for the Obama administration.

“The Ministry of Finance confirmed that France would join the AIIB bank,” French daily Le Figaro reported Tuesday.

Germany’s finance ministry said it was joining the bank, the BBC says, although Italy has yet to confirm the earlier report by the Financial Times (FT).

Why Is This?


Russia Federation's President Vladimir Putin

Rothschilds Attacks Russian Cyprus Holdings: Russia Launches Surprise Large-Scale, 36 Warship Military Exercise In The Black Sea

Russia Navy

Many were wondering what Russia’s response to Germany’s deposit confiscation drill in Cyprus would be. The confusion was moderated somewhat after it was uncovered that the very Russians who were supposed to be punished, have been able to withdraw some or most of their Cyprus-based cash either before the Cyprus (Deposit Confiscation Day) or during the capital controlled blackout using various disclosed loopholes. Breaking => Russia Warns Obama Against Using The Media To Falsify News: Any Direct Or Implicit Interference With Russia’s Home Affairs, All Sorts Of Pressure Being Exerted On Our Country And Our Allies – Is Absolutely Unacceptable.”

It is estimated that about one half to a third of all Cyprus bank deposits are of Russian origin. The ratings agency Moody’s estimates that there is about $31bn (21bn) of Russian money in Cypriot bank accounts – $12bn from banks and $19bn from businesses and individuals. Big News Network


Rothschild Hitler

Europe Protests Austerity Program By World’s Richest 1%: The Rothschild Banking Cabal.

Demonstrators from 30 different countries have converged on Brussels, the Belgian capital, to protest cuts [Reuters

Thousands of workers from across Europehave taken to the streets to protest against a growing number of austerity measuresadopted by governments to combat public deficit crises.

Police barricaded banks and shops in Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union, where labour leaders are hoping to mass up to 100,000 people from 30 countries on Wednesday.




Remember, California Guts The Middle Class: Not Leading But Following Europe’s Austerity Footsteps Of Subjugation To Globalist Thugs.

California Austerity Measure Cuts Billions From Middle Class!



charles martell-3

Immigration and the Moral Right to Save Europe and the West!

Charles Martell

At the Battle of Poitiers in 732, the Frankish king Charles Martel defeated the Saracens and pushed the forces of Islam back into the Iberian Peninsula. It was not until 1492 that the Moors were finally thrown out of Europe, but in the meantime the Islamic virus was contained in Spain and Portugal, and thus kept out of the heart of Western Europe.

One of Charles Martel’s comrades-in-arms at Poitiers was a warrior of the North known as Ogier le Danois, later Holger Danske, or Holger the Dane. Although Holger was a historical figure, little is known of him, and most of the written material about him is drawn from legend.



Glass Steagall Act With Stroke Of A Pen Will Nullify Derivative Debt: Europe To Effectively Restore Glass Steagall – Including Austria And Belgium!


With Cristiana Muscardini, Deputy Chairman of the International Trade Committee, filing a resolution to effectively restore Glass Steagall in Europe, to be voted upon in the European Parliament, AND with Austria and Belgium seriously considering following in Germany’s footsteps, it certainly SEEMS clear that the “long arm of Wall Street” (as denounced by Michigan Senator Carl Levin) has helped to establish the UNITED STATES as the key contributor to the complete defeat of any global financial reform component in America, whatsoever.


Confederate Flag

America’s Gentile Whites, Died For The African’s Freedom In The United States

What African Thanked The Hand Of This White Family For Dying And Suffering For their Freedom In The United States Under President Abraham Lincoln The First Republican President Of the United States?

What African Thanked The Hand Of This White Family For Dying And Suffering For their Freedom Under President Abraham Lincoln, The First Republican President Of the United States?

Let America be the dream the dreamers dreamed —

Let it be that great strong land of love

Where never kings connive nor tyrants scheme

That any man be crushed by one above.


Revolting To Europe’s Failed Kyoto Conspiracy Scam: Greece Strengthens Ties With Israel

Greece New Hydrogen Sub

The strategic and military ties between Greece and Israel are deepening in reverse proportion to Turkey’s estrangement from Israel and its growing closeness to Iran and Syria, DEBKAfile‘s military sources report. Significantly, when the commander of the Greek Navy, Vice Admiral G. Karamalikis secretly visited Israel earlier this month, he won the sort of red carpet which the Israel Defense Forces high command rarely gives foreign military visitors.

Israeli Navy chief Vice Adm. Eli Marum took him around Navy HQ in Haifa port plus unusual tours of the top-secret INS Dolphin Type 800 submarine and the Saar V class INS Eilat 501 corvette.

The Dolphin is ranked as Israel’s premier long-distance deterrent weapon and believed by Western military experts to carry nuclear-capable cruise missiles.

Greek Navy Chief Vice Adm. G. Karamalikis

The Eilat was part of the Israeli submarine’s escort when it passed through the Suez Canal last June, starting out from the Mediterranean and heading to the Red Sea and back. Vice Adm. Marum accompanied the visitor and briefed him on the navy’s operational capabilities.

This demonstration focused on the vessels Israel has thrust to the fore in the last two years for Iran’s benefit, to display the extent of its long-distance military reach as far as Iran’s shorelines, the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea.

The military partnership between Israel and Greece is not new. In June 2008, their two air forces and navies conducted a joint war game, during which 100 Israeli fighter-bombers flew out from their bases as far as Greek skies and back, spanning a distance roughly equal to that between Israel and Iran. The exercise was meant to show Tehran the Israeli Air Force’s ability to cover the distance to Iran’s nuclear facilities and back. According to Western military sources, the maneuver included practice sorties by Israeli warplanes against Russian-made S-300 anti-missile missile batteries deployed by the Greek Army.