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France Breaks Even: France Bans Monsanto GMOs: France Looses 2,300 Tubes Of Deadly SARS From High Security Lab At Paris Pasteur Institute!

April 18, 2014

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The French National Assembly has made a sweeping declaration with a new bill, effective immediately. No more genetically modified crops. On Tuesday, the French lower house of parliament adopted a law immediately banning cultivation of any GMO corn, due to environmental safety concerns. Recently, they also made a halt decree to prohibit planting the only […]

FYI Obama’s Top Ten Staged Apologies!

August 1, 2013

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Top 10 Obama Apologies by  Human Events Excerpted from article by Niles Gardiner, director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation. Sorry Is Hardest Word for U.S. Presidents to Say for War Sneak Preview: Obama’s Apologies from Cairo

How Rothschild Media Played It Against The British & American Citizens During WWII: “Americans Are Loosing The Victory In Europe” January 7, 1946

July 17, 2013

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This article was written by John Dos Passos, a Harvard Elitist aka; Marxist.  Passos in his early writings was a socialist, then as he became educated in reality, he became conservative. Most elitists are born with a silver spoon in their mouths (as obama) – and wallow in co-dependency, giving no thought to maintaining integrity […]

Monsanto Has Been Removed And Banned By: Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Madeira, New Zealand, Peru, South Australia, Russia, France, and Switzerland!

March 23, 2013

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(NaturalNews) By now, most of us are aware of the GMO problem and the political corruption akin to it. Monsanto claims that GMOs are safe. This was the same comment made by the tobacco companies back in the 40s and early 50s regarding cigarette smoking. Roulette Reid Behind Treasonous Assault On Bundy Ranch: Destined For […]

Mystical Visit To The Incorrupt Body Of Bernadette Soubirous.

March 20, 2013

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The saint of Lourdes … the saint of penance … the saint of poverty … Our Lady’s child visionary is also to many the saint of family. Born January 7, 1844 at a time of prosperity for her family, her parents and younger siblings lived in an environment of deep love and devotion for each other. […]

France Ditches Pelosi’s Dream Machine: The European Union.

March 11, 2013

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One day after another, Europe is dying. While a cabal of European witch doctors look on, babbling away in polyglot languages about differing remedies and quack medicines, Europe’s black death spreads from country to country. Greece is already a gonner with default only a matter of time, now Spain and Italy seem to be next with no […]

Miracles Of World War 1: Thursday December 24, 1914, Sunday November 14, 1915, & Sunday May 13, 1917

November 30, 2012

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World War I FIRST SOME BACKGROUND The military conflict that lasted between August 1914 to November 1918, which involved many of the countries of Europe as well the United States and other nations throughout the world.

Russia Kicks Out Monsanto 2012: Russia Kicks Out Rothschild 2006 ~ Obama Ushers In Monsanto VIA ‘North American Union’ Ploy 2011 .

September 27, 2012

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Russian authorities temporary suspended the import and sale of Monsanto’s genetically-modified corn after a French study suggested it may be linked to cancer. The Russia’s consumer-rights regulator Rospotrebnadzor asked scientists at the country’s Institute of Nutrition to review the study. The watchdog has also contacted to European Commission’s Directorate General for Health & Consumers to […]

France Rules Carbon Tax Unconstitutional Just Days Before Taking Effect!

September 23, 2012

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This new French carbon tax was scheduled to go into law on Jan1, 2010. The tax was steep: 14 euros per ton of carbon dioxide (USD $20). In a stunning move, and surely a blow to warmists everywhere, the tax has been found unconstitutional and thrown out. Originally found here (Google Translation).

Shutting Down The Economic Swindle & The Usurped Military Powers Of The United States!

August 20, 2012

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France: Cheminade 2012 Mass Mobilization Leaflet To Defeat Rothschild British Empire War Effort The Presidential campaign committee of Jacques Cheminade, Cheminade 2012, produced the following leaflet on Dec. 15, for its immediate national mass mobilization Christmas offensive, urging readers: “If you do not want to act as though nothing were at stake during this holiday season, […]

Poland Announces Nation Wide Ban On Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Corn: Causes Organ Damage!

April 9, 2012

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Following the anti-Monsanto activism launched by nations like France and Hungary, Poland has announced that it will launch a complete ban on growing Monsanto’s genetically modified strain MON810.

Breaking: Monsanto Found Guilty Of Chemical Poisoning in France!

February 27, 2012

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In a major victory for public health, and what will hopefully lead to other nations taking action, a French court decided today that GMO crops monster Monsanto is guilty of chemically poisoning a French farmer. Vatican Refuses Socialist Pressure To Support Monsanto Genetically Modified Foods: Pope benedict XVI Condemned GMOs As A Scheme To Serve And To Enrich […]

Jeff Steinberg On the Repeal of Glass-Steagall By Billy Clinton In 1999: Banker’s Mechanism To Overload America With Debt Subservience!

February 18, 2012

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Hollywood’s Church Of Scientology Guilty Of Fraud!

February 8, 2012

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The Church of Scientology guilty of fraud. Building of the Church of Scientology Rhone-Alpes. LEMONDE.FR with Reuters and AFP | 02/02/12 | 7:02 • Updated 02.02.12 | 1:13 p.m. The appeal court in Paris sentenced, Thursday, Feb. 2, two French entities of Scientology to 600,000 euro fine for “organized fraud“ in a case unprecedented in American group.

BREAKING => Rothschild’s Fraudulent European Paper Debt: 9 Nation States Go Down Overnight.

January 15, 2012

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The European debt crisis has just gone to an entirely new level.  Just when it seemed like things may be stabilizing somewhat, we get news of huge financial bombs being dropped all over Europe.  Very shortly after U.S. financial markets closed on Friday, S&P announced credit downgrades for nine European nations.

The Shocking Truth Of The Pending EU Collapse By Financial Terrorism!

December 20, 2011

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European Union Out For Destroying National Sovereignties. When the hell do we the so called common people wake the hell up? Unlimited money supply is not enough for these people. They want all of our souls!! 2012sprint on Dec 17, 2011 Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk 12/19/11: European Bailout Will Make Crisis Far Worse Related articles The Shocking […]

United States Conference Of Catholic Bishops Permanently Defunds & Rebukes ACORN! What Is Taking Congress So Long To Investigate Soros, Obama, & ACORN

December 14, 2011

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REPORT OF BISHOP ROGER MORIN, CHAIRMAN SUBCOMMITTEE ON CATHOLIC CAMPAIGN FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT ON CCHD and ACORN For nearly forty years, the Catholic Campaign For Human Development has practiced what the Church teaches about the option for the poor, subsidiarity and solidarity in helping people living in poverty defend their dignity and work for greater […]

Breaking => George Soros’s Felony Conviction Upheld By Strasbourg Appeals Court!

October 11, 2011

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George Soros, the billionaire hedge fund manager, has lost a case at the European Court of Human Rights to have his criminal conviction for insider dealing quashed. The failed appeal in a 4-3 decision by the Strasbourg-based court is the latest twist in a nine-year battle by the 81-year-old Mr Soros to clear his name following his […]

Italy Calls France, United States, & Britain To Immediately Halt Libya War: Italy Blocks Use Of Their Airbases By NATO. Now Rothschild Puts The Screws To Italy!

July 11, 2011

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The news today continues the rumoring that Italian banks and bonds are going to see problems this year or early next year. This follows an interesting email exchange (dated the 8th) that I had with a BoomBustBlog contributor (his comments listed below) concerning our European bank and sovereign research from last year. ZeroHedge Three months […]

Rothschild’s IMF (international monopoly fun money) Chief ~ Strauss-Kahn Charged With Attempted Rape!

May 15, 2011

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Greece To Exit From Rothschild’s European Union Banking Scheme! Bankers With Out Boundaries [NWO] ~ Obama’s French Connection: French Felon Nadhmi Auchi & French Felon George Soros!

Obama: The End Of All BiPolar Hope.

April 30, 2011

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All I Ask Is That You Kneel, For I Am A Kind god! 1) First Independence From The Oligarchy Of The British Monarchy aka; The British/Rothschild Monopoly! Next

Japan Was On The Eve Of Throwing Out The U.S. Military & The NWO: Tectonic Plates Thru HAARP Was Rothschild’s Response. Iceland Stops Rothschild Cold!

April 12, 2011

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Japan Has Thrown Liberal Democrats Out Of Office: Sending Warnings To NWO Sounds like there’s  a HAARP connection here, isn’t it interesting how they don’t mention the technology emitting low frequency radio waves (VLF) exciting the ionosphere…

German People Awaken To The EU Scam: Remember When Italy Awoke? The Police Became The People!

February 15, 2011

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German people in unprecedented rebellion against Obama type government Like the Roman legions vanquished in the Teutoburger Wald in Lower Saxony in 9 AD, the 17,000 police officers that marched into the woods around the nuclear storage facility in Gorleben in northern Germany on Sunday morning looked invincible. Police personnel from France, Croatia and Poland had joined in […]

Discovery & Reburial Of Father Copernicus! : Fox News Bastardizes History & Perpetuates Atheistic Distortion Propaganda!

May 24, 2010


Father Of Modern Science, Catholic Bishop Nicole Oresme‘ Of Lisieux, France 1323 – 1382. Nicole Oresme made significant contributions to late medieval natural philosophy. He studied and wrote about philosophy, mathematics, economics, physics, musicology, and psychology, and anticipated the ideas of early modern scientists such as Copernicus, Galileo and Descartes. He developed a geometric model to quantify and compare the […]

Nancy ‘Nazi’ Pelosi Skating On Thin Ice: Want To See Her $156,225,000.00 Reasons In 2007 For Bilking The United States Economy To Meet Her Greed?

January 31, 2010


If you want to study Nanny P, she was a drunk floozy on the eastern seaboard before she was accepted by the west coast after her french divorce. Is she dumb? It doesn’t appear so if speaking of money, she knows how to play innocence in the pump/dump scheme of investments. One quick question for […]

Rare photo of the 1940 Tour de France! Hey Its The Weekend :O)

August 2, 2009


Tribute To Darrell ‘Shifty’ Powers _______ Ayatollah Obama: ACLU – Tear Down These Crosses

July 23, 2009


more about “Ayatollah Obama: TEAR DOWN THESE CROSSES“, posted with vodpod After WWI many U.S. soldiers moved to the Californian desert to find physical and emotional healing. In 1934, they erected a memorial to honor their fallen comrades, a single white cross, – a symbol used around the world to memorialize those who paid the […]


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