Tennessee Judge Shuts Down Construction Of Islamic Headcutter Mosque!

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Work on a mega-mosque already well along in the construction process in Murfreesboro, Tenn., has been shut down – the existing building’s future uncertain – by a court’s ruling the county avoided the legal process required for granting building permission for the project.


De Oppresso Liber

Roman Catholic Church: Obama ~ Tyrant By Usurpation ~ Tyrant By Oppression!

Tyrant By Usurpation

While actually attacking the powers that be, a tyrant by usurpation is a traitor acting against the common weal, and, like any other criminal, may be put to deathby legitimate authority. If possible, the legitimate authority must use the ordinary forms of law in condemning the tyrant to death, but if this is not possible, it can proceed informally and grant individuals a mandate to inflict the capital punishment.


Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood Activists At CPAC: Orrin Hatch Apologies Voting For Bailout Package!

Turn Volume Up

Pamela Geller, the most vocal of the activists opposed to the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” to be built two blocks from the former site of the World Trade Center, said Friday that the Conservative Political Action Conference she was speaking at had itself been “corrupted” and “compromised by Muslim Brotherhood activists.”


Bloomberg Face Of Terror: E-Mails Prove NYC Bloomberg Perpetuates Illuminati Chaos With Headcutter Mosque ~ Its All About Elitist Money


Michael Bloomberg ~ Deception, Chaos, Treason

By the end of 2008, Bloomberg had transferred almost $300 million into various offshore destinations—some of them notorious tax-dodge hideouts. The Caymans and Cyprus. Bermuda and Brazil. Even Mauritius, a speck of an island in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Madagascar. Other investments were spread around disparate locations, from Japan to Luxembourg to Romania.

24 December 2010: The “fix” was in from the start. The majority of New Yorkers and Americans have known that New York City Imam Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a staunch supporter of the Islamic center and mosque proposed for construction within the shadow of destruction of the 9/11 attacks. Now, thanks to a suit filed against the recalcitrant mayor to disclose correspondence related to his involvement in the proposed construction, Judicial Watch obtained e-mails that illustrates just how much inluence Bloomberg exerted behind the scenes on behalf of the Cordoba Initiative.

A WABC Channel 7 report details the mayoral meddling in this report. Yet another news reportpublished by the New York Daily News disclosed that NY Community Affairs Commisioner Nazli Parvizi actually drafted a letter on behalf of Daisy Khan, the wife of Cordoba Initiative’s head Imam Rauf to send to the community board ahead of their vote on the project.

The e-mails illustrate how the mayor’s office ran active interference against the media, to buy time for the mosque planners so they could regroup and refine their strategy. After confirming the depth and breadth of the mayor’s rabid support to see that the mosque project succeeds, a logical question would be whether it is merely his philanthropic nature  driving his passion for the project.  To find the answers, you don’t have to look much farther than Bloomberg’s increased business dealings in the Middle East Islamic world.

Just follow the money.

Bloomberg’s Offshore Millions

It was a dark time for the city. In 2008, and early into the next year, morale was low, Wall Street was sputtering and Mayor Michael Bloomberg was steeling New Yorkers for pain. Brace for service cuts and tax hikes, he warned—while also pledging to find a way to keep tax money, particularly from the city’s richest citizens, from fleeing.


Mayor Bloomberg “Its Good For New York” : Shuts Down 22 MORE Schools, Catholic Church And Opens Sharia Mosque.


In two contentious public meetings at Brooklyn Technical High School this month, the New York Department of Education’s (DOE) Panel for Educational Policy (PEP), eight of whose 15 members are appointed by billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg, voted to close 22 public schools, including Jamaica High School in Queens, Kennedy High School in the Bronx and Paul Robeson HS in Brooklyn.


janet napolitano bloomberg


The NY City Council has declared December 14th, “Hate Wal-Mart Day” Page 13 NY Post, December 2, 2010

You can’t make this stuff up. While NYC officials and the Gloomberg administration are working overtime to erect a triumphal mosque at Ground Zero, Wal-Mart, the nations’s largest private employer, has been denied entry repeatedly. Wal-Mart was forced to drop its plans for its first New York city store. And New York was the loser for it. The lower middle and middle class was the loser for it. (More at Atlas here.)


Beer And Bacon At Ground Zero Community Mosque on Fridays

A little bird told me today that the worshipping Muslim collective of the Ground Zero community was having its weekly meeting this Friday at the Cordoba House Mosque, conveniently located next to the remains of the infidel community at Park Place 51 in Manhattan. The bird insisted it had reliable information from “insider” sources about a gathering of protesters, even though it was a day away from the big 9-11 rally. Some of them came to support everyone’s human right to say Allahu akbar while ramming planes into skyscrapers, while some others came to oppose it.

So I took my camera and went to take a look.

The bird lied. That is, the protesting community was there, and so were numerous media organs. But the anticipated Muslim teach-in, sit-in, and bendover-in by the local Islamic community had been suspended by the City until next week, to avoid possible scheduling conflicts with certain out-of-town Koran-burn-in communities.

A large BBC community was there, setting up a shop right on the sidewalk. But the cops told them to scramble, and they unhappily complied. They must have been also misled by the bird, only in their case it had to be a big bird named Roc, as seen in the Sinbad movie. It’s probably where the BBC takes all their information about the Middle East anyway.

Their uniformed BBC shirts said “You set the agenda,” but among themselves they were overheard saying that “this whole mosque hysteria was caused by everyone’s stupid ignorance.” Which means that not all communities should be allowed to set the agenda, but only the most enlightened ones, like Imam Rauf and the young geniuses at the BBC.

There were also representatives of the open-minded progressive community who looked like candidates for our fall edition of the People’s Dating Service. When approached by a black lady distributing pamphlets of some obscure Christian cult, he reminded her that this was New York and her proselytizing could be offensive to some. But when I pointed out that his Che shirt and Mao hat could be offensive to others, he responded that he found my remark extremely offensive and intimidating. He was a whole head taller than me, but when I stomped my foot he ran away.

Before stomping my foot I took a picture of him next to one very appropriately titled book.

This is what the hidden mosque looks like today – the former Burlington Coat Factory at Park Place 51. It has no signs and can only be identified by the presence of two cops at the entrance, who are there apparently to protect various peaceful communities from one another.

The cops tell everyone to move along – even if your name is Cindy Sheehan, the Mother-Protector of all Muslims.

They were all told to stand on the corner, where they wouldn’t obstruct the traffic. What do you know – around the corner they would all meet a guy looking very much like Imam Rauf, who is now more popular than Jesus and obviously also a progressive chick magnet.

Many workers at the site wore “No Mosque” stickers on their hard hats and shirts.

The Peoples Cube


Bloomberg Stalls Rebuilding Of Catholic Greek/Russian Church, Destroyed On 9/11 By Islamic State Religion!


Did you know that Hitler used Islam similar to Obama using Islam to bring about National Socialism? Did you also know that this process is a gold mine for international banks as the currencies are centralized to themselves. Did you know that the Rothschild (British Monarchy) are the captains of this process?