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Economic Recovery Myth Disproven: NWO Pipe Dreams Of The Old Word Order!

Falling Jobless Rate Is Good News For Illegal Aliens: Where Aliens Received 3/5 ths. Of The Jobs.

April 19, 2012 · Leave a comment

March Jobs Data Breaks Patterns & Falls Well Below Worst Forecasts: U6 Unemployment Rate At 14.5% Compared TO Mexico’s At 4.9%

Unemployment Rate – U6 2000 – 2012  Glass-Steagall Would Have Protected U.S. Citizens From Obama’s Banker Bailouts. Falling Jobless Rate Is Good News For Illegal Aliens: Where Aliens Received 3/5 ths. … Continue reading

April 6, 2012

Obama Cuts Food Stamps By $2.2 Billion: Cuts Education Assistance By $100 Billion, & Cuts Energy Assistance By $3.3 Billion. Unemployment & Foreclosures Soar!

The Democratic-controlled 2010 Congress voted to strip $11.9 billion in long-term food stamp financing in a Peter-to-Paul stunt to pay for emergency aid for state budgets. And the Senate has … Continue reading

June 9, 2011

Glock Pistol Sales Surge in Aftermath of Arizona Shootings: States’ Constitutional Militias/Civilians Buy More Firearms In 3 Months, Than What It Takes To Outfit The Entire Chinese And Indian Armies Combined!

Open Letter To One Who Embraces Victim Disarmament Did you know that the police have absolutely no legal duty to protect you or any other American citizen? You can sue … Continue reading

January 12, 2011

Rothschild Banking & British Monarchy, With Blood On Their Hands : United States At War With The British Monarchy!

Obama Born Again? 2 1/2 Years Of Deception & A $2.8 Million Law Tab In Blocking Eligibility Lawsuits! But Wait, Why Did Barry Lie On His 2004 Senate Papers? THE … Continue reading

August 23, 2010 · Leave a comment

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