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Ohio Schools Authorize Conceal Carrying Of Guns: Express Purpose For Student Safety!

December 22, 2013

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Buckeye Firearms Foundation recently surveyed school employees to find out what has changed in the year since the Newtown killings. The information below is from just over 300 responses taken from school teachers, administrators and other employees who signed up to be trained to carry firearms in schools. There are at least 20 different school districts […]

United States Of America: Land Of The Rothschilds, Where Free Thinking Independent Children Are Left Behind!

March 31, 2011

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Rothschild New World Order Global Awakening American Revolution

Biden: ‘inevitable’ ~ Permission To Attend School And Recite The Pledge Of Allegiance.

December 24, 2010

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The principal of a public school in Brookline, Mass., is asking parents to fill out permission slips before their children can participate in a weekly recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Gerardo Martinez, the principal of The Devotion School, informed parents that the school would begin reciting the pledge in January – over the public […]

You Lie Obama : Obama Creates/Back Doors Federally-Funded School-Based Planned Parenthood Clinics – Gore/Boxer

August 26, 2010


DEMOCRATS KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR THE PEOPLE? Al Gore, “Ignore your parents, older people don’t know.”

Why Does The Fringe Left Want To Censor And Distort American History From Our School Children? – SIGN PETITION!

May 21, 2010


The fringe left is trying to distort the truth and silence thousands of Texans — including numerous teachers and parents who have called, e-mailed and testified before their State Board of Education (SBOE) member. The extremists are even using our great Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, as a political pawn. Jefferson was never removed from social […]

Obama Health Rationing: Will Put Abortion Cartel’s Planned Parenthood Clinics Inside Your Child’s School

December 5, 2009


Please help us get this information into the hands of as many people as possible by forwarding it to your entire e-mail list of family and friends. ObamaCare will put Planned Parenthood clinics inside your child’s school Urgent: E-mail your representative and two senators today! September 10, 2009 There are many reasons to oppose President […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Serves Up Milk And Feces To California School Children

October 14, 2009

0, a leading West Coast pro-family organization, is sad and disappointed that Harvey Milk will be inducted into the California Hall of Fame. “Harvey Milk was a notorious sexual predator, advocated multiple sexual relationships at the same time, was a public liar, and is in no way a good role model for children,” said Randy Thomasson, […]

Socialist’s Health Rationing Bill, Puts Planned Parenthood ‘Abortion Cartel’ Into Public Schools Making Money

October 14, 2009


WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2009 The Senate Finance Committee has approved its version of the massive health care overhaul - handing the government a leading role in every American’s health care, including yours. Now, more than ever, we need your generous support.  It is imperative that you stand with us in stark opposition to this legislation. Here’s […]

USA – Obama’s Bathhouse: Foul-Mouthed Sodomy Activist And Anti-Christian Bigot Appointed to Obama Department Of Education

June 12, 2009


Promoting Homosexuality: Kevin Jennings, Obama appointee and founder of the Gay, Lesbian Straight Education Network, said in 1997 that he looked forward to the day when parents would react to reports that schools are “promoting homosexuality” by saying, “Yeah, who cares?”


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