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Weekend Reflection: Nancy Pelosi Honoring The Accomplishments Of The 111th Congress!

PELOSI PLANNING PARTY FOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS Mon Nov 08 2010 16:34:33 ET Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the United States House of Representatives requests the pleasure of your company at a reception honoring the Accomplishments of the 111th Congress on Wednesday, the tenth day of November, two thousand ten at three thirty in the afternoon Cannon Caucus […]

Hoping Its Not Too Late

Obama’s Nazi War on Science!

Liberals pretend to be the advocates for science. President Barack Obama has repeatedly portrayed himself as the world’s leading advocate for scientific progress; in fact, he has consistently touted himself as the man who will “restore our commitment to science.” So why are liberals so ignorant of science?

Eric Cantor Nazi 4 color

Eric Cantor The Creeping Socialist: Ties To Rothschild London’s Banking Cartel.

“Republicans, on the contrary, are for both the man and the dollar; but in cases of conflict, the man before the dollar.” President Abraham Lincoln OK, let’s try to connect the dots here, shall we?


Arizona Shooting Reflects Hate By Political Left Just As White Supremacist Salon Magazine, Publishes Call for Torture, Murder of Sarah Palin

Fulfilling one of their most prominent campaign promises, House Republican leaders have unveiled a new rule to require that each bill filed in the House “cite its specific constitutional authority.” And for those who may have skipped that constitutional law class, Republicans have organized four staff briefings prior to the Jan. 5 start of the […]


Communist Joseph Lieberman: War Monger ~ NWO Operative ~ Socialist Sleeper Cell.

Real Zionist News U.S. Senate EPW Committee: Found Climate Scientists Obstructed, Concealed, Manipulated, Colluded, & Lobbied Influence Upon Political Processes. Still British Agent Lieberman Goes Forward! Rasmussen : 72% Of America Want Off Shore Drilling Joe Lieberman (IINO) Independent In Name Only – Cap & Trade

Obama’s Anal Masturbating, Socialist Spiritual Advisor: Jimmy Wallis!

Now that he no longer draws spiritual succor from Jeremiah Wright—the America-hating, racist demagogue who served as his pastor and spiritual mentor for twenty years—Barack Obama has turned elsewhere for guidance in the task of carrying out his political duties while remaining true to his religious values.

Anniversary Of Roe vs Wade – Obama’s Socialist Health Rationing To Enrich Hedge Funds Takes A Plunge

GOP lawmakers sent a clear message to thousands of anti-abortion activists gathered on the National Mall on Friday: The healthcare reform bill died because of the strength of the pro-life movement. More than a dozen lawmakers remained in D.C. for Friday’s events organized by the March for Life Fund on the 37th anniversary of the […]

Obama’s Socialist Stupidity


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