Arizona House of Representatives approves measure requiring proof of “natural born” status!

Is this man constitutionally eligible to be on the ballot in any state?

by Sharon Rondeau

One chamber of the Arizona legislature has voted in favor of adding a provision to a bill which would require presidential candidates to submit proof of constitutional eligibility to have their names placed on the state’s ballot.

The AP news report posted by Fox News tacitly acknowledged the Obama eligibility issue by stating in the first paragraph that he would have to produce proof of eligibility “when he runs for re-election.”

Today when Lester Kinsolving of WorldNetDaily asked Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, if Obama had seen the Arizona proposal, Gibbs answered, “Lester, I’m the guy – I’m the guy that said, put the president’s birth certificate on the Internet two years ago.”  Last August Gibbs had referred to “all preponderance of the evidence, that the president was born … uhm … in … uhh, uhh … was born here and not somewhere else” when questioned by the same reporter about Obama’s origins.

Obama’s posted “birth certificate” has been labeled a forgery by at least two document experts.  Recently The Post & Email has reported that a member of the Kenyan Parliament, Mr. James Orengo, stated that Obama was not a “native American” because he was born in Kenya.

The Post & Mail

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