Impeachment Procedures For Barry Soetoro aka; obama

Clearly we have a man in our White House who is a traitor hell-bent on destroying this nation. Why are you not impeaching him?

We have a man ensconced in our Oval Office who is every bit the threat that Adolf Hitler was to Germany. Why aren’t you impeaching him? Democrats have the power to do that. Why aren’t you?

A man who ignores our deficit, now in the trillions; and has done nothing significant since taking office but spend, spend, spend. Why aren’t you impeaching him? We are broke. We have no money to spend. Impeach him. We can’t afford another two and a half years of this lying traitor.

A man who ignores the hardships that immigrants, both legal and illegal, are causing the people of this nation; people who can’t find jobs to feed their children because there are none to be had. Why aren’t you impeaching him? Please protect us as you took an oath to do. Impeach him.

A man who tried to present himself to the people of this nation as a family man and a Christian but now admits that he is a Muslim. A man whose background is not what he claimed to be. Impeach him.

A man who travels to foreign nations to apologize for us is unfit for the presidency.

A man who in his first week in office signed an executive order to get tax payer money to import what was reported as hundreds of thousands of
Hamas sympathetic Palestinians, at a time when we don’t have jobs for our own people; all of whom are no doubt drawing welfare today. Oh sure. No problem; just print more money. Why are you not impeaching this man?
In the name of God Almighty, why are you not impeaching this man?

Clinton, the traitor, signed NAFTA into law. All good paying jobs are now in developing nations. Today we have a government that protects people in this country illegally better than it treats U.S. citizens. How do you sleep nights?

Literally every terrorist attack committed against this nation has been carried-out by radical Muslims. Yet, Obama calls those of us who fear Muslims “racists.” He can come up with no legitimate reason for not enforcing our laws to protect the people of this nation so he uses the “race” card. How disgusting. Impeach him.

He is a man who is working every day to overthrow our democratic government. It’s treason and Congress is doing nothing about it. Impeach him or lose you jobs in 2010 and 2014.

A man who is fighting a state that is literally being attacked and killed by illegal migrants who have no respect for the property of U.S. citizens or the lives of ranchers trying to eke out a living like the rest of us. Arizona by law has every right to enforce immigration laws. Illegal migrants have become obnoxiously crude in their demands for amnesty simply because they know our federal government is aiding and abetting them WITH U.S. taxpayer money!!!!! End this nightmare. Impeach him!

You have caused all this by refusing to enforce federal law. You are as criminal as those uncouth migrants carrying signs in our streets threatening to kill us with thier shovels and axes if we don’t give them what they want. You have wished this on us and we will fight for our country. If you don’t start enforcing our federal laws and stop harassing the state of Arizona with boycotts simply because it chose to protect its people, we will have no choice but to take matters into our own hands. Stop the nightmare! You will not succeed in giving our country to the NWO wealthy elite who are behind this.

You must decide if you are for us or against us. If you are against us and for giving away our country, then you are the problem. We pay you to protect us. Do it!

Impeach Barack Obama before it’s too late. Close our borders. Enforce our immigration laws. We pay you to work for US and our country.
Impeach Obama Now!!! or count on losing your jobs. If you are made to suffer as we are, you’ll soon change your stripes and function like leaders of our country rather than criminals complicent in the destruction of this nation. No NWO; No NAU. Never, never, never!!!