Bloomberg Stalls Rebuilding Of Catholic Greek/Russian Church, Destroyed On 9/11 By Islamic State Religion!


Did you know that Hitler used Islam similar to Obama using Islam to bring about National Socialism? Did you also know that this process is a gold mine for international banks as the currencies are centralized to themselves. Did you know that the Rothschild (British Monarchy) are the captains of this process?

While NY Piece Of Shit Mayor Bloomberg has been jumping through hoops in support of the GZ mosque, hopes to rebuild St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church have been mired in red tape since Islam Destroyed The Church On 9/11.

Young Russian soldiers surrendered to Islamic Chechens, just to later be beheaded with a knife. The muslims execute prisioners with no guilt or remorse, then claim that they are the victims of aggression.  Attention – Horrific Video

“As the essential principle of his [Muhammad’s] faith is the subjugation of others by the sword; it is only by force, that his false doctrines can be dispelled, and his power annihilated.”

President John Quincy Adams

How About We Bomb Mecca? Fort Hood: Fears Of Increasing Terrorist Attacks Upon Christian America!

While a mosque is one step closer to being built in New York City blocks away from Ground Zero, a church that was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks has yet to be restored.

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church stood in the shadow of the Twin Towers and was crushed when the South Tower collapsed.

New York Times Sings Praise Of The Roman Catholic Church : Roman Catholic Church Stood Up Against The British Monarchy Of World War II

George Demos, the Republican candidate for Congress in the First District of New York, called the delay in rebuilding the church a disgrace and blamed the Port Authority for the hold up.

Click play for more from Demos on why he’s outraged this church has not been cleared to be rebuilt yet, and why it must be allowed to “rise from the ashes” of 9/11.

“What an outrage that our government has put roadblocks in the path of its own citizens trying rebuild their beloved church destroyed by Islamic extremists,” he said.

“[This is done] while Saudi Arabia, a nation that prohibits people from even wearing a cross or the star of David, now provokes the families of those who lost loved ones by apparently funneling money to build a mosque at the same location.”

CNN Reporter Arrested In Central Park With Rope Around His Neck And Tied To His Penis – While CNN Cafferty Smears The Catholic Church, Using 1930′s Nazi Pedophile Modus Operandi Propaganda! A Dismissed Case From The 1950′s

Muslims & Mexicans Obama’s M&M’s : Kenya – Obama’s Training Camp For America? – Christians Were Burnt In Their Kenyan Churches!

Obama’s Ramadan : Keeps Giving The Whole Year Through! – Christian Barber Beaten, Sodomized For Trimming A Muslim’s Beard!

Angry Muslims Protest Bush-Hitler Comparisons

Round Up The Rothschilds & Their Ilk For Their Very Own Nuremberg : Attempts To Subjugate America To The Banking Cartel.

Christian Maid Burnt Alive By Islamic Fascists Who Practice Ramadan

NWO Cronies Just As Hitler, Using Islamic Head Cutter’s Fascism: But This Time To Play A Significant Role In Bastardizing German Science

How The Socialists Played It During WWII “Americans Are Loosing The Victory In Europe” January 7, 1946

Southern Poverty Law Center Has Become A Danger To America!: Fronts For National Socialism. – Islam Training Jihad Military Groups On U.S. Soil!


Israel Is Still Being Demonized – WHY?

“Islam Must Rule The World And Until Islam Does Rule The World We Will Continue To Sacrifice Our Lives”

Europe Is No Longer Europe, It Is Eurabia, A Colony Of Fascist Islam. Politically Correct Terrorism And The Invincible Ignorance Of The Nazi Left.

First It Was Hitler With Islamic Fascism – Second, Is Obama Now Mirroring Ahmadinejad’s Islamic Fascism?

Barack Obama, the Quintessential Liberal Fascist

Britain Caught Absconding America’s Wealth : ‘Their Spin’ Britain Threatens War – British Foreign Office Has Communicated Direct Threats To Sovereign U.S. Department Of State : Passage Of McCain/Cantwell Glass Steagall Amendment Will Be An Act Of War Against The British/Rothschild Government!

England Collapsing : Obama Spreads Our Wealth $146 BILLION To U.K. Through ‘Goldman Sachs’ Unrecoverable Europe Bailout!

Treasonous Rothschild British Operatives In The White House – Through Rhodes Financing!

Financial Crisis : Democrat’s Commission Of High Treason

USA Without Representation : U.K.’s Rothschild Going Bankrupt : Give Them Your Retirement Package! Main Stream Media Owned By General Electric And On Barry Soetoro’s Recovery Panel Wants You To Lay Down And Shut Up While Their Operatives Play Semantics With New Laws To Bail Out England And Roll You Over!

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