Federal Reserve Sold Short Term Securities For Long Term Securities: Bracing For Long Term Slow Down: Silver’s Seismic Events, Shorts Sell ~ Long Termer’s Buy In September!

GATA’s Bill Murphy and I speak about recent seismic events in the precious metals market.

The Silver Bullet Against Werewolves And Silver Bullion & Coins Against Derivative Paper Schemes.

More bad news out of China and Europe have sent stocks and commodities into a tailspin. Fears continue to rise in Europe and around the rest of the world, causing even the price of silver to fall some, as investors are in a tizzy about the failing economy and are faced with several decisions about their money.

Silver will more than likely end up remaining a very valuable commodity, especially in the long run, but the last 7-10 days have been pretty rough. Silver was recently trading as high as $43 per ounce, and now it has dropped to just over $36 an ounce.

While the price has recently dropped, these aforementioned global fears are eventually going to spike the price of silver back up to levels not seen, which includes silver trading at the $50 per ounce price range and above.

You can look at the recent price drop like this; now is even a better time to get you money in silver. Not only will it protect it, but it is going to probably yield you a nice return in the future as well.

Remember, do some research and make a move to invest in silver. Just because the rice is down some does not mean that silver isn’t still wildly popular, as seen recently with the first week sales of the Uncirculated Silver Eagle.

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