Dumping Paper Counterfeit Currency To Take Possession Of Silver

During the month of September, London has printed derivative sells on Silver to drive the price down in their attempt to scare monger people to dump their silver and get them back holding paper currency. Well if people get back to holding paper currency, they are once again subjecting themselves to actually VALIDATING NWO’s game OF PASSING THEIR DEBT TO YOU AND THUS DEVALUING YOUR BUYING POWER.

How? The London Banks are bankrupt, they have fraudulently printed so much derivative paper credit, that they are ‘en masse’ attempting to pawn these debts off to Nation States. They do this by calling it the Nation’s debt (when it is really the bank’s debt) and then through force, THE BANKS print out more paper for SO CALLED BAILOUT, which then enslaves the Nation State’s People, to work off their VACUOUS PAPER DEBT Scheme. {{This is a perpetual bilking scheme}} This is What The Global Financial Crisis is all about – The International Bankers In London, Are Pawning Worthless Paper To Subject Nations To Serfdom aka; financial slavery where they call ALL THE SHOTS.

When The Markets Are Forced To Crash ~ Silver (which is REAL VALUE) Will Sky Rocket Past Their Derivative Paper Schemes. Those Who Hold Silver Will Be Outside The Affects Of The Banker’s Orchestrated Financial Crisis. The Demand For Silver Will Out Pace Them.

The Bankers will try to say that since their is a crash, the demand for silver has also crashed. But don’t buy into ANYTHING they say. Silver is also a consumable metal used extensively in manufacturing and the supply of silver is becoming more scarce. The same argument can be made for gold, yes gold is consumed, but compared to silver it is minimal.

Though gold has very high value because it used to back the USD and we maybe getting back to that when we over throw the NWO Banksters. The best way is to take possession of metals and enact the Glass Steagall Act  ~ H.R. 1489 which outlaws Derivative Paper which Bill Clinton allowed in 1999.

As I Write, Today Silver per ounce is about $30.73. 1 Silver Eagle Coin is 1 ounce of which you pay upfront for commission of about $4.00/ounce to the metal/coin dealer. So 1 American Eagle will cost $34.73 as of today! Silver may go down some more based upon what the hell these derivative sellers in London may do – so keep buying 1 or 2 or 100 etc etc American Eagle every payday. It is my estimation that we are going to have a 1-3 month lull in the economy and then the fire works should start up. This is my opinion, so do your own fact finding corroboration and then decide. I hope everyone of my readers do well! Better yet, I would like to see the Glass Steagall Act passed immediately, to nullify the bailouts our Congress subjected us to.

If one can afford Gold, which is today at $1,629.50/ounce, fine, but I believe Silver has far more potential at multiplying your initial investment. I think Gold could double or triple, whereas Silver after the $50/ounce is unchartered territory. Keep in mind, that this global financial crunch is unchartered territory as well.

True Cost Of Debt Ceiling Alone By ‘Too Big To Fail Bailout’ ~ From $700 Billion To $12.8 Trillion.

Fiat Cash

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