Convicted Felon George Soros – Thugs Absconding America’s Money – Convicted Felon George Soros, Obama’s Financier. Soros made a total of $11.6 Billion. Remember, its all about Global Warming started before 2008 election cycle – H1N1 started when Obama visited Mexico last Summer, Health Care for Illegals (INSANITY), etc. etc. How convenient it is to have a reason right here & now for employ our absconded taxes and stimulus. Its stimulus for socialism so as to provided more reaping of our money for the Hedge Funds. Our Productivity is lowered and these assholes abscond the difference in taxes and ploys by strategically investing into those mandated (Inside Orchestration For Investment) manufacturers of medicine, autos & green products developed over seas for us to LATER buy with OUR less jobs. America is being dismantled by hating billionaire socialists at the upper echelons.

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