Citizens: Support Your Sheriffs in Their Constitutional Duties!

Posted on 12 Jan 2012

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While Americans all across this country have rightfully been fighting on the state and national levels for the support and defense of our Constitution, we may have neglected what we can most effectively impact:  our own elected county sheriffs.  At we have the opportunity to send our sheriffs to what I believe is the first-ever nationwide conference on the full-range of local sheriffs’ Constitutional authority and jurisdiction.  You can find more info at the link provided, but it is being held Jan. 30 and 31 in Las Vegas, so time is of the essence for citizens to get behind their sheriffs.

I have been working with my own local sheriff’s office to (1) see if he is interested in attending this conference (he is), (2) await a determination from his legal advisor that paying his way will not be considered a personal gift to him (should know soon), and (3) to ask people in our county to help with the funding of this trip.  The full funding does not have to be there before sheriffs register, but this is a personal investment in our own safety and well-being.  Our sheriffs will be representing those interests at this conference and we need to help get them there.

Because of the situation in our country today, and with the very real possibility of martial law being declared by a boxed-in usurper, we need to get our local sheriffs on board quickly on how to protect us from unwarranted federal intrusion.  Our sheriffs are, after all, our first line of defense and the only law enforcement officers who can force federal agents to stand down while in their jurisdiction.


Kathleen Goto

The Post & Email


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