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OBAMA FOUND IN CONTEMPT OF COURT: Gulf Drilling Moratorium, U.S. Federal Judge Rules

(Bloomberg) – – The Obama Administration acted in contempt by continuing its deepwater drilling moratorium after the policy was struck down, a New Orleans judge ruled.

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Presidential Candidate Ron Paul: Warns Of General Government “Power Grab” In Time Of Crisis ~ Obama Preparing For Repercussions From The “Breakdown Of Law And Order”

(Reuters Owned By Rothschild) – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an audience Friday “never waste a good crisis,” Sat Mar 7, 2009 The Banking Cabal’s NWO Campaign Is Doing Just That ~ They’re Making It Bigger!
  1. Obama: I Will Own The World For The Rich, The Left Wing Elite Hedge Funders – Just Ask Chelsea

Asked about his recent comments regarding how authorities in the United States were “setting the stage for violence in this country,” Presidential candidate Ron Paul elaborated on how the federal government was preparing for a “breakdown in law and order.”

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Brazil’s U.S. $133 Billion, Ten-Year Push in Search of Oil and Gas : Obama Sending Billions In U.S. Taxpayer Dollars For Brazil To Drill New Offshore Oil Wells.

Energy corporations will invest US $133 billion in the next ten years looking for oil and gas in Brazil according to a release from the country’s Ministry of Mines and Energy. The plan, according to official sources, seeks to balance economic growth prospects with energy supply and expanded demand.

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U.S. Military Should Take Into Custody Global Elitists ~ To Stand Trial For Committing Global Financial Terrorism!

Obama's Nuremberg

Round Up The Globalist Elite And Put Them On Trial

Elites Launch “Global Impact Investing Network” Since Flu H1N1 Vaccine Completely Failed

Tax exempt foundations, banks and philanthropic organizations have been hard at work in the United States for decades molding the country to their liking. The schooling system, media, medical institutions, and foreign policy of the United States have all been influenced by them. Today, these foundations are partnering with global banking powerhouses in order to create the “Global Impact Investing Network” (GIIN) which aims to spearhead a new form of investment.

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Wikileaks ~ Bank Of England & U.S. Collusion: Bailout Of The International Banking Cartel.

Secret: Bank of England boss Mervyn King suggested action was needed on banks six months before Gordon Brown.

Mervyn King plotted a secret bailout of the banking system six months before Gordon Brown decided to take action.

The Bank of England governor told U.S. officials in March 2008 that ‘a co-ordinated effort to possibly recapitalise the global banking system’ was needed to save it from collapse, according to documents released by WikiLeaks.

Mr Brown did not come up with his master plan to tackle the financial crisis until September 2008 following the collapse of U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers.

The delay raises a major question over his claims that he was the brains behind the bailout and had ‘saved the world’.

The leaked U.S. embassy cables show the Bank governor told American officials action was needed to shore up the banks six months before the financial crisis reached its peak.

Mr King said Britain and America and other developed countries should override the ‘dysfunctional’ G7 and orchestrate a multi-billion pound bailout for global banks.

RBS and Lloyds were later rescued by the Government.

British taxpayers stumped up around £1trillion in loans and other guarantees to shore up the banking system.

Bank of England Boss Mervyn King, ‘Was Bank Bailout Mastermind’

Hollywood’s Church Of Scientology Guilty Of Fraud!

The Church of Scientology guilty of fraud.

Immeuble de l'Eglise de scientologie Rhône-Alpes, en février 2008.

Building of the Church of Scientology Rhone-Alpes. LEMONDE.FR with Reuters and AFP | 02/02/12 | 7:02 • Updated 02.02.12 | 1:13 p.m.

The appeal court in Paris sentenced, Thursday, Feb. 2, two French entities of Scientology to 600,000 euro fine for organized fraud in a case unprecedented in American group.

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