Rothschild Usurpation Of Those Sworn To Protect The U.S. Constitution: New Bohemian Grove!

2012 — new exclusive footage inside the Rothschild Khazar Bohemian Grove provided by infiltrator “Kyle.” This new video shows never before seen shots of roads into Bohemian Grove, burning lamp stand, burning effigy, Hillbillies and Mandalay camps, and much more. Set to the Eagle’s Hotel California, Bohemian Grove is exposed like never before. Watch for yourself where America’s politicians & bankers party during the second week of every July with sodomy revelry and Satanic rituals!

Tin-Foil Hat Conspiracy Is What The Khazar Banking Cabalists Hid Behind ~ Now Its Here As IT Always Has Been ~ For Real!

Studies have shown that the more income a person has, the less percentage of money he gives to the poor.  Why?  Because of greed, and a real worry that someone is going to come along and take it all from you.

If the Bilderberg Group is the geopolitical tentacle of the New World OrderBohemian Grove is slippery underbelly of occultism that is the ultimate expression of the misanthropy inherent at the highest levels of global elitist thought.

Similar to Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove was flatly denounced as tin-foil hat conspiracy nonsense until the alternative media exposed some of their inner workings.

The annual Bohemian Grove retreat is set within a 3,000-acre redwood forest along the Russian River, and is the stage for a weekend of globalist plotting, at the very least, while researchers have revealed it is potentially far more than that.

A mock human sacrifice in front of a giant owl representing Moloch forms one of the central ceremonies, as Alex Jones captured in his infiltration video titled Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.

Beyond that, speculation into all forms of debauchery and depravity have followed the confab since its inception in 1873.

One thing is for certain: among all of the private meetings of globalist power brokers, heads of state, and 2,600 major and minor demons in the political and social pantheon of the top puppet masters, this is the one that is the most heavily guarded and secretive about its true nature.

Which only means that activists everywhere should be on hand to bring positive energy to Bohemian Grove’s dark gathering.

Building on the Occupy Movement and a record turnout for Bilderberg 2012, activists are proving that a turning point in focused and cooperative activism has been reached.  Awareness is increasing of who really pulls the strings in global politics and social engineering.

Rather than focus on the false left-right political paradigm, a diverse range of more than 20 groups such as Code Pink, Peace and Justice Center, ANSWER Coalition, Veterans for Peace, Occupied Press/Prensa Ocupada North Bay, Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored, the Bohemian Grove Action Network, The Fukushima Mothers and Cindy Sheehan will be gathering at Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, California starting today, July 14, beginning at noon PST.

Activists will kick off a two-week extended protest beginning with an inversion of the bizarre Cremation of Care ritual, which will instead celebrate a desire for justice and peace through a Creation of Careceremony. According to organizers

Just outside the gates of the Bohemian Grove, Kris Welsh will MC the day, and Dennis Bernstein, host of Flashpoints on KPFA/Pacifica radio will broadcast live from the event. Russia Today-TV with Abby Martin will film and John Rees with No-Lies Radio will video-cast the day on the Internet.

Representatives from organizations will speak joining in coalition to create a vast cornucopia of care as a counter to the one-percent elites less than a mile away. In addition to the speakers, the program at the amphitheater will include musical performances by Dave Lippman, Teresa Tudury, Jim Ocean, Scott Gerber, Attila Nagy, Keith Blackstone and the Hubbub Club.

Admission to the Creation of Care is free. It will run from noon to 4 p.m. at the Monte Rioamphitheater, which is located at 9925 Main Street in downtown Monte Rio.

This event and others can be found via livestream from noon to 4pm with coverage from RT which can be viewed below:


G.K. Chesterton receives the gift of a dandelion.

“If you want to know what God thinks of money,  just look at the people he gave it to.”

– GK Chesterton