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Obama Sued By Florida For Attempted Blackmail: Kansas, Texas, Tennessee Join Lawsuit.

Florida State Flag

Florida State Flag

The state of Florida has now filed a lawsuit against Barack Obama who attempted to force Florida to bend to his will using blackmail. Florida had refused to accept Obama’s demand to expand their Medicaid program to include able bodied adults with no children. The Supreme Court ruled that the federal government (Obama) cannot cut off current Medicaid to any states that refuse to expand Medicaid, which the court found to be unconstitutional. Some claim that it’s not blackmail. They could be right, the word extortion might be a better fit.

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Federal Court Reinforces Block On Obama’s Illegal Amnesty: Obama Lied To The Court About Policies!

Hitler Obama

Federal Judge Andrew Hanen denied the federal government’s request to lift a hold on pResident Obama’s controversial immigration actions in an opinion released Tuesday night.

Judge Andrew Hanen wrote that the government misled the court by revealing last month it had granted expanded work permit renewals to 100,000 illegal immigrants before the court blocked the administration from implementing its new policies.

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