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U.S. Deep State Is The Greatest Threat to Peace in the World Today

It has happened again: yet another international poll finds that the U.S. is viewed by peoples around the world to be the biggest threat to world peace. But, to start, let’s summarize the first-ever poll that had been done on this, back in 2013, which was the only prior poll on this entire issue, and […]

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How Deep State Keynesian Central Banks Have Been Creating The Next Financial Crisis

Written in the summer of 1918, this first attempt by Wilson to define the league laid out his thinking on the new world order he sought to foster. Library Of Congress This same person coincidentally signed into practice in 1913 a foreign federal reserve displacing Capitalism With Keynesianism which was unconstitutional ~ where private international […]

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A Return To Constitutional Capitalism

The key to broadly distributing opportunity and capital is to nurture the source {U.S. Constitution} of social capital {middle Class}: the community economy {Obama?}. Barrack Hussein Obama The Community Organizer? Not Quite. We all know what a hyper-financialized economy looks like–we live in one {Keynesianism Displaced U.S. Constitutional Capitalism In 1913} : central banks create credit/money out […]

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