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Missouri Nullifies Jeffie Sessions Federal Over-Reach Criminalization Of Cannabis

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (Feb. 6, 2018) – Last week, a Missouri House committee overwhelmingly passed a bill to decriminalize industrial hemp, setting the foundation to nullify federal prohibition of the plant in practice. Rep. Paul Curtman (R-Washington) introduced House Bill 2034 (HB2034) on Jan. 10. The legislation would decriminalize industrial hemp in the state by […]

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Corporate “Medicine” Kill 15Xs More Americans Per Year Than 13 Years Of Domestic Terrorist Attacks

Prescription drugs kill nearly fifteen times as many Americans per year than the casualty toll of domestic terrorist attacks from over thirteen years combined, but still natural alternatives are suppressed and maligned despite a growing body of evidence supporting their far greater safety and efficacy.  Since 1997, when the United States became one of only […]

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