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Obama Had Opened New Drone War Fronts In Ethiopia

A drone base set up in southern Ethiopia became operational this year and is being used to hunt and kill targets in Somalia, U.S. military officials told the Washington Post today. The Post reported last month that the Obama administration was building a “constellation of secret drone bases in the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn […]

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Sign Reveals Obama’s Birthplace. But What About British/Saudi Arabian Owned ‘Fox News’, Spewing Oreilly’s – Hawaii Newspaper Excuse?

The old saying goes, “Seeing is believing,” but in this age of Photoshop, you can’t always trust your own eyes. E-mails circulating on the Internet contain this image of a billboard purporting Kenya to be the birthplace of President Barack Obama. Congressional Hearings Held To Determine Sen. John McCain’s Constitutionality For Presidency: No Controlling Authority To […]

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Products Of Ramadan – Al-Qaeda Top Dogs Behind Flight 253 Jihad Plot, Were Released From Gitmo

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Jihad Watch) – “Two Al-Qaeda top dogs behind Flight 253 jihad plot were released from Gitmo Gitmo recidivism comes back to bite us directly. “Two al Qaeda Leaders Behind Northwest Flight 253 Terror Plot Were Released by U.S.: Former Guantanamo Prisoners Believed Behind Northwest Airlines Bomb Plot; Sent to Saudi Arabia in 2007,” […]

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