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Jesus Wasn’t Crucified ~ The Barnabas ‘hoax’ : From NWO Muslim Brotherhood’s Turkey Coup!

Until now not one media organisation has reproduced the exact words attributed to Christ MARCO TOSATTI ROME Much has been written in the past few days, particularly in Muslim newspapers, on the discovery of a bible in Turkey, a bible that was apparently written in Aramaic – the language Jesus spoke – approximately 1,500 years […]

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Barack Obama Or Is It ‘Baraq Bamah’ The Anti Christ?

I myself do not consider the Anti-Christ as a singular person – but this was pretty interesting to say the least. I do however, regard the Anti-Christ as the colluded manipulation of media. Now bearing that in mind, we have Soros invested into Time Warner (CNN), Jeff Immelt CEO of G.E. who owns MSNBC etc […]

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