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Dreams Of Obama: “We Can Absorb 3000 New Deaths”

Obama's essentially European world outlook has no better illustration than his comment to Bob Woodward during a July, 2010 interview that "we can absorb a terrorist attack.  Two Soviet Senators Charles Schumer & Al Franken Told IRS To Target Constitutionalists! Rothschild’s Sovietism Ended In Russia On 25 December 1991. We'll do everything we can to prevent… Continue reading Dreams Of Obama: “We Can Absorb 3000 New Deaths”

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Nanny Pelosi’s Basket Of Assets

This Is Absconding America's Wealth By The Establishment Of Insider Trading Mechanisms, Therefore Illegally Assuring Peloski Her Profits. For Demonstration Purposes We'll Look At Her 2007 Diversified Portfolio: PELOSKI'S ASSETS Net Worth: From $-23,538,894 to $119,974,989 Rank: 7th in House Do you really think Peloski would make any law contrary to 'her' best interests?  Yes… Continue reading Nanny Pelosi’s Basket Of Assets