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Obama Warns Of The World’s Changing Economic Rules: Accept The Rothschild Financial Crisis By The “Moral Greedy Rot” And Disregard The Constitution!

“You Americans take pride in your logic. I suggest you employ it. Consider the beautiful land you so vigorously defend. Picture it reduced to ash at my whim! Consider the fate of your women! Unlike the cruel Stars & Stripes, which demands that you stand, I require only that you kneel.”

Mike Pence Let The World Know Barney Frank Is Preventing Glass Steagall From Being Legislated: Pass The Glass Steagall And Put The British Crown NWO Thugs Out Of Business.

To Hell With The Debt Ceiling Dog & Pony Show ~ Nullify The Fraudulent Rothschild Banking Bailout With The Glass Steagall Act & The Debt Is Brought To Justice & Lowered To Normal! OBAMA HAS THE ROTHSCHILD’S FED RESERVE PRINTING $TRILLIONS OF UNBACKED NEW UNITED STATES CURRENCY, WHICH IS FLOODING THE COMMODITIES MARKET AT A…