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86% Of United kingdom Citizens Moving Forward To Reclaim Their Gun Rights!

BELLEVUE, WA – -(Ammoland.com)- In case you missed my Op-Ed column that appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Salem Oregon Statesmen Journal, Birmingham Alabama News and many other newspapers across the country, it is below for your enjoyment. Federal Reserve’s Fear Of The Silver Bullet: Slashing Rates Is Just More Talk!

Putative President Obama: Must Be Denied Access To ‘Classified Information’ ~ Per Federal Statute 50 USC 435 And Executive Order 12968.

Leo Donofrio published A thorough review of national security clearance guidelines and federal statutes indicates that various heads of government agencies in charge of disseminating classified information should deny access to classified information to President Obama unless and until he undergoes a statutory background check and achieves a proper security clearance.

Obama A British Citizen!

Assuming that Obama was born in the United States, he was not only born a dual national of the United States and Great Britain, but at present he continues to be such. Some maintain that American law on citizenship cannot be subjected to any foreign law.