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Weekend Reflections: Taxpayer Knows That They Are The Ultimate Sucker ~ Barney Frank Fostering Death Threats Diversion After Illegal Bailout!

It starts at the top. President Obama played his sleight of hand game of seeming to do something while actually doing its opposite. On the campaign trail (er, sorry, on a presidential swing to California), Obama tried to distance himself from the blame game in Washington.

United States Council Of Catholic Bishops Renounce Corporatist Obama’s ‘compromise with evil’.

Cardinal Dolan, one of the original signers of the Manhattan Declaration, has, acting on behalf of the US council of Catholic Bishops, has officially rejected President Obama’s so-called “compromise” concerning the outrageous attempt to force  religious institutions to purchase insurance covering abortion-inducing drugs, contraception, and sterilization. Dolan has also signed one of our most recent…