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How Deep State Keynesian Central Banks Have Been Creating The Next Financial Crisis

Written in the summer of 1918, this first attempt by Wilson to define the league laid out his thinking on the new world order he sought to foster. Library Of Congress This same person coincidentally signed into practice in 1913 a foreign federal reserve displacing Capitalism With Keynesianism which was unconstitutional ~ where private international…

Foreign Owned U.S. Federal Reserve System vs Presidents Trump & Jackson.

It is no secret that America is governed by the [Foreign Owned] US Federal Reserve System. The [Foreign Owned] Federal Reserve’s main shareholders are in charge of the money and so are also in charge of America. To strengthen and maintain their power, these money bosses need ‘their own’ story. And that is why they…

Exposing The New World Order: The Charles Lindbergh Retribution

Editor’s Note: As the ‘Audit the Fed’ bill once again gathers steam under a Republican Congress, but with significant bi-partisan support at least in questioning the shadowy quasi-government entity that controls the money supply, the controllers of the Federal Reserve [A non-federal entity]are unsurprisingly stirring to speak against any potential meddling in their affairs.