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Obama’s Hoover Dam May Burst First In Iraq: J.P. Morgan Bank Cabal Pilfers Iraq’s Financial System.

Al Jazeera February 29, 2016: The United States has warned its citizens to be ready to leave Iraq in the event of what it has said could be a catastrophic collapse of the country’s largest hydro-electric dam near Mosul. Iraqi officials have sought to play down the risk but Washington urged its citizens to make…

Constitutional Sheriffs: Rural America Project & County Sheriff Project ~ Battle U.N. Agenda 21 ~ Their Attempt To Take Over Of Our Rural Land!

SUPPORT RURAL AMERICA PROJECT Please join in support of Rural America at: www.SupportRuralAmerica.com Four clean hydro-power dams in the Klamath basin are being targeted for removal.  Ken Salazar (Dept. of the Interior) will be making his determination as soon as 2012.  These dams provide green power to 70,000 homes.  Isn’t green energy supposed to be good?

Rothschild’s Obama ~ Establishes Domestic Terrorism Group By Signing His 86th. Executive Order #13575: Agricultural Dams Being Removed In The USA U.N. Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 is the action plan to implement the UN Sustainable Development for total control and depopulation.  The Wildlands Project is the blueprint to scrape humans off of 50% of America’s landscape through “re-wild-ing”.  Beneficial dams are being destroyed in the name of rewilding or restoration, using phony environmentalism to achieve these UN goals: