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Products Of Ramadan – Al-Qaeda Top Dogs Behind Flight 253 Jihad Plot, Were Released From Gitmo

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Jihad Watch) – “Two Al-Qaeda top dogs behind Flight 253 jihad plot were released from Gitmo Gitmo recidivism comes back to bite us directly. “Two al Qaeda Leaders Behind Northwest Flight 253 Terror Plot Were Released by U.S.: Former Guantanamo Prisoners Believed Behind Northwest Airlines Bomb Plot; Sent to Saudi Arabia in 2007,” […]

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McCain Replacing Superior F-22 Raptor With The Inferior G.E. F-35 Flying Bathtub

The future of the Obama administration’s efforts to reshape the Defense Department may well be determined as the Senate debates whether to stop F-22 production. Defense Secretary Robert Gates may not be around for the 2012 budget, but the administration’s ability to hog-tie (er, effectively debate) Congress — as it did so effectively for the […]

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