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Mikhailo Koval Center speaking to Ukraine's  NWO Puppet Fascist Poroshenko.

President Trump Ukraine: No More Financial & Military Aid To Poroshenko’s Terrorist Operation Against Donbass & Donetsk

Basurin announced: “Following the talk between Poroshenko and Trump, Ukraine will in the near future cease to receive financial and military support for its terrorist operation in the land of Donbass. In connection with this, the Ukrainian president has fallen into complete despair and is ready to desperately commit to the most reckless action of […]

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Eastern Ukraine Warns Kiev Pro European Union Terrorists Located In The East To “Leave Within 48 Hours” Or Face War!

Eastern Ukraine Army Says Will Fight Militarily [Obama’s E.U. Kiev Scheme Overthrow] If Western Ukraine Forces Ignore 48 Hour Deadline!  * E.U. Terrorist Forces Attack Eastern City Of Sloviansk, Interfax Says. With the McCain, Obama, Kerry, & E.U. having voiced their support for Kiev’s Neo Nazi pro-terrorist operations, and Russia strongly supportive of Ukrainian Citizens decision to regional self-determination, the threats coming […]

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