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The Obama EPA Agency Over-Reach Enforcement Scheme: Staying Plugged In To Recognizing The NWO Schemes.

-Michael S. Finkelstein, J.D./C.L. 2013, Paul M. Hebert Law Center, Louisiana State University, B.A. 2010, Louisiana State University. Silent Spring author and environmental advocate Rachel Carson may have turned in her grave this March following the Supreme Court’s unanimous pronouncement in Sackett v. U.S. EPA[1]. In its decision, the Court dealt a detrimental blow to the EPA’s ability…

Convicted Felon George Soros: Crafted The So Called Stimulus Plan & Invested in Companies That Would Profit From It. Calling Darrell Issa

It’s just one more revelation featured in the blockbuster new book that continues to rock Washington, Throw Them All Out,authored by Breitbart News editor Peter Schweizer. George Soros met with Mr. Obama’s top economist on February 25,2009,and twice more with senior officials in the Old Executive Office Building on March 24th and 25th as the stimulus plan was being…

Treasonist Joe Biden/EPA Gives Grants To China To Produce Coal: U.S. Middle Class On Death Watch!

China Building 1 Coal  Plant Every 2 Weeks: The Obama-Biden Attacks On American Coal and Energy Jobs  BRILLIANT, OHIO COAL PLANT MINE CLOSES… GUESS WHY? USATODAY.com – Middle class barely treads water Middle Class Death Watch: …Middle Class Have Fallen Out of It GOP Blocks Gun Bill Supporting “The Bill Of Rights” In Wyoming!

Obama’s Gestapo: The EPA

The notion that the Environmental Protection Agency uses “science” to justify their regulations is false, just like most of the claims they issue on various aspects of the nation’s environment. Their favorite scam is to estimate the number of deaths they will prevent with some new draconian regulation.