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McCain’s Crippling F-35: Bilking America Into The Blackhole Of Debt

A new report prepared by the US Congress’ watchdog agency, the Government Accountability Office, found that parts shortages led to “degrading readiness” in the F-35 fleet, leaving aircraft “unable to fly about 22 percent of the time during the first eight months of 2017. “The Department of Defense is sustaining over 250 F-35 aircraft and plans to triple […]

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Russia’s Su-35 Fighter Jet Demoralizes US Pilots Flying McCain’s F-35 Dumbed Down Flying Bathtub

Russia’s SU-35 Fighter Interceptor Jet In the USA, pilots are not allowed to watch videos of Su-35 demonstration flights at MAKS-2017 international air show. Allegedly, the videos of the Russian Su-35 aircraft in action may demoralise US pilots. Russia has already received orders for Su-35 fighter jets from China, India, Indonesia, and other countries. The […]

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