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BREAKING => Obama’s SEIU Brown Shirts Are Attempting To Co-Opt The Occupy Movement For their March Against The Republican Congress!

Brace yourselves D.C. the chaos that paralyzed lower Manhattan yesterday Appears??????  to be coming your way. The ‘SEIU’ Obama Thugs are setting their sights on The Republican Congress.  Barack Hussein Obama will soon take 300,000 jobs from law-abiding Americans and give those jobs to 300,000 foreign criminals. Obama plans to review the status of at…

State Of Ohio Nullifies Obamacare: State Sovereignty Under The 10th Amendment Blocked Obamacare’s Unconstitutional Dictatorship!

COLUMBUS, Ohio –  Ohio voters overwhelmingly rejected health insurance mandates that represent the cornerstone of “ObamaCare,” with two thirds of the electorate voting in favor of a state constitutional amendment prohibiting mandatory participation in any health-care schemes. The ballot initiative was driven forward by a broad coalition including Tea Party groups, conservative activists, and others.