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“We’re Running A F—ing Casino”: Politician “X” Tells All In Manifesto!

Henry H. Klein A Devout Jew: Exposed Rothschild’s Zionist Banker - Controlled Scheme Known As New World Order! An anonymous congressman has dropped a bombshell election-year book that confirms why Americans hate their national government and have rallied to anti-establishment presidential candidates like Donald Trump. The veteran politician lays bare a rotten and corrupt Congress enslaved… Continue reading “We’re Running A F—ing Casino”: Politician “X” Tells All In Manifesto!

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Huey Long: Share The Wealth!

Huey Long was assassinated in 1935. But the spectacle of Bush, and the Democrats, and the Republicans who made nice and got together to bail out Mafia's Wall Street - at the expense of the common people - brought his words to mind. Huey Long first came to national attention as governor of Louisiana in 1928… Continue reading Huey Long: Share The Wealth!