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Obama’s Bailed Out Bros: General Electric ‘GE’ Under Federal Investigation For $6.2 Billion In Accounting Fraud

General Electric Co. is under investigation by U.S. regulators after taking a larger-than-expected charge in its finance division, dealing a new black eye to a company once enshrined as an icon of American business. The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking at the accounting practices related to a review of a GE insurance business as…

Obama Collusion: General Electric CEO For Economic Recovery Advisor!

Not only has General Electric lost stockholders money for years, aids and abets our enemies by dealing under the table with known terrorist countries, Syria and Iran, but also owns Obama-supported MSNBC and NBC with their own liberal propaganda machine. The force behind GE, NBC, and PMSNBC is none other than BDS sufferer and anti-American Jeffrey Immelt.