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Rothschild Mob Hold Assets And Print Debt To Burden The Middle Class: This Is Their Liquidation Of Our Country.


After The Rothschild Mafia Determines That A Nation Has Peaked Its GPA “According To Their Schemes”, They Begin The Liquidation Process.

This Is Accomplished By Creating Bubbles To Purge The Real Assets From Those Who Engage Their Bubble Schemes. In Short Its Known As Pump/Dump.

They Have All The Inside Information To Malign The Legal Process For The Pump/Dump Sabotage…

Move Your Money ~ British Citizens Fighting Back – get your money out of the big banks ~ Into Your  Local Credit Unions ~ Its Payback Time.

World financial markets are poised for a major phase transition. We are witnessing a bubble trifecta where a bubble in bonds, equities, and housing are beginning inflate beyond sustainability, which poses a very real threat to what is left of the real economy. Add to this that the underlying unit of measure is a currency backed by debt and politics.

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China Sentences 6 Bankers To Death For Looting.

China‘s Executions procedure:

The execution protocol is defined on the criminal procedure law, under article 212:[6]

Before a people’s court executes a death sentence, it shall notify the people’s procuratorate at the same level to send personnel to supervise the execution.
Death sentences shall be executed by means of shooting or injection.

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Decommission Banks For Credit Unions: Reinstall The Glass Steagall Act To Protect American Citizens From The 1% Sociopaths.



The crisis in the Euro-zone clearly shows that the “banking sector” is still a systemic risk for the whole economy. Although no way leads around a restructuring of Greek and Portuguese state debt, the EU financial politics recoils from such actions out of fear of the consequences for the European bank-system. What is publicized as “Euro-crisis” by politics and media is first and foremost a structural deficit within the European bank and finance system.

Get rid of banks and build up a modern financial world!

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Banker’s Hedge Funders Bilk The Same Money In One Hour From Americans ~ As It Takes For A Modest Middle-Class-American Family To Work For In Over 47 Years!

How do they make so much money?

Where does it come from?

How can hedge fund firms with fewer than 100 employees make as much profit as firms with thousands of employees?

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Amnesty For U.S. Bernie Madoff First: Before Amnesty To Foreign Nationals ~ Criminal Immigrants ~ Cost $6.3 Trillion!

Born A Poor White Child

Stockbroker. Born Bernard Lawrence Madoff on April 29, 1938, in New York City to parents Ralph and Sylvia Madoff. Ralph, the child of Polish immigrants, worked for many years as a plumber. His wife, Sylvia, was a housewife and the daughter of Romanian and Austrian immigrants. The couple married in 1932, at the height of the great depression. After struggling financially for many years, Ruth and Ralph became involved in finance in the early 50s.

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Federal Reserve Sold Short Term Securities For Long Term Securities: Bracing For Long Term Slow Down: Silver’s Seismic Events, Shorts Sell ~ Long Termer’s Buy In September!

GATA’s Bill Murphy and I speak about recent seismic events in the precious metals market.

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