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70 Inroads By The British Rhodes Empire: Monarchy Attempting To Reclaim America By Keynesian Cronie Capitalism

The real source of Samson’s strength was God. In fact, whenever we hear about Samson doing a mighty work, it is always preceded with “The Spirit of the LORD came upon him…” Samson’s long hair was a symbol, or an emblem, representing his commitment to the LORD. If Samson were to cut his hair, it […]

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Remembering – Obama Mistress: Vera Baker

  BASIC STORY: WHEN MICHELLE FOUND OUT, BAKER WAS FORCED TO “FLEE” TO MARTINIQUE – LEAVING BEHIND A LUCRATIVE JOB IN DC. Barack Obama: To All The White Girls I’ve Loved Before? War On Feds ~ Utah Sheriffs Warn Obama: Your Feds Will Not Be Allowed To Take Utahan Firearms!

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