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Pope Francis & President Trump Warns Venezuela Maduro To Respect The Constitution And Suspend Dictatorial Radicalization

Pope Francis “The Holy See expresses again her profound concern for the radicalization and aggravation of the crisis in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, with the increase in the number of deaths, wounded and those who have been detained,” CNA The Pope has issued an appeal to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro after he installed a […]

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Venezuela’s Rothschild Czar Nicolas Maduro: Currency Overnight Devalued 46% ~ Decrees Dictatorial Economic War ~ Unilaterally Spends $100,000,000.00 For Free Phones

Why The Free $100,000,000.00 Phones? The Better To Track You With My Pretty! The Obamaphone ~ It’s Back And This Time It’s Real Those Samsung Phones Increase South Korea’s Exports Which Is Healthy For Their Economy, But Enslavement For Venezuela’s Citizens! Kapeesh? Keep An Eye On South Korea’s Currency The Won! Days after being granted omnipotent […]

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