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Tea Party Of +2,000,000 March Against Those Responsible For Fraudulent Rothschild Derivative Banking Bailout Of 2009

Obama’s Black Hole: Embrace The Suck ~ America At War With Rothschild!

By Stewart Rhodes April 17th 2011 U.S.S. Economic Titanic has already hit the economic ice-berg and is sinking. Arguing over who should be the next captain is not going to save us. Even if we replaced the entire leadership staff, by firing all of Congress, that also won’t save us. Those who have served in the infantry know the old […]


If Americans Attacked CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations): Would It Be Patriotism Or Terrorism? – CAIR speaker to Muslims: “Ok To ATTACK Fort Bragg”

In 1976, Jimbo Cater Installed The Fascist Regime Of Murderous Mullahs In Iran (Ayatollah Khomeini). “Israel must be wiped out from the map of the world.” Ayatollah Khomeini quote


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