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Bill Of Rights Are Unalienable Rights ' Natural Rights' they are NOT Inalienable Rights. Inalienable Rights are 'government granted' a legal ease trapping in the court system. 

Know Your Rights Natural vs granted civil.


Agenda 21 Violates Both The 5th & 14th Amendments Of Our Father’s U.S. Constitution: Banking Cabal Fathers Want ~ What Is Not Ever Going To Be Theirs ~ Our Country’s Liberty! So F$$k Off!

Current Lawsuit To Defeat Sociopath’s Agenda 21 Designed After North Korea’s Police State! Rockefeller Funds “Benefit-corporation” Plot to Push Agenda 21

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Humanity Roars As If Lions Attacking The Bankers Agenda 21 Matrix Scheme: North Korea Rothschild’s NWO Template.

Current Lawsuit To Defeat Sociopath’s Agenda 21 Designed After North Korea’s Police State! Missouri Legislature Bans UN Agenda 21 Banker’s European Union Floods Europe With Worthless Paper For Future Slavery: Europe Goes From Bad To Worse! Gun Facts & The Second Amendment: What The Bankers Fear Will Be The End To Their New World Order Scheme […]

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Obama’s Nazi ‘Buzz Bomb’: Obama Sets Up New War Front With Multiple Drone Bases At Arba Minch, Ethiopia.

A drone base set up in southern Ethiopia became operational this year and is being used to hunt and kill targets in Somalia, U.S. military officials told the Washington Post today. The Post reported last month that the Obama administration was building a “constellation of secret drone bases in the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn […]

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Drudge Report: Watchdog Of Usurped Government’s Growing ‘Police State’.

CLICK HR 3162 — THE POLICE STATE IS HERE! Here It Is: A Wish List Granted That Would Make Adolph Hitler Proud. From Warrantless Secret Searches to Defining Any Criminal Activity as Terrorism, Our Constitutional Republic Was Gutted on Friday, October 26. H.R.3162 “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and […]

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