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Rothschild Agent Hillary Clinton: Attempts To Supersede 2nd Amendment ~ By Colluding With U.N. Global Gun Control Ban!

TERRORISTS USED 3 AIRLINERS AND HILLARY WITH THE ROTHSCHILD U.N. WANT TO BAN THE SECOND AMENDMENT AKA; GUNS. Rothschildists around the globe believe they have it made. Military Refused to participate in gun confiscation Janet Napolitano said… … right-wing, gun-toting veterans are the worst terrorists out there. They are “radical extremists.”

Refusing To Absorb The 2009 Rothschild/WallStreet Banking Cabal Derivative Bailout Debt : Driving Down The Debt Ceiling By The Glass Steagall Act!

  FDR ~ THE MAN WHO CONFIRMED THE GLASS STEAGALL ACT Introduction to the Glass-Steagall Act Causes For and Brief History of Glass-Steagall Act Carter Glass and Henry Steagall Restrictions and Repeals in the Bank Holding Company Act The Provisions Within the Sections of the Glass-Steagall Act The Generally Accepted Rationale for the Separation of…

THE BRITISH ARE BACK! Obama’s 800 Lb. Gorilla: The Treasonous Derivative Bailout ~ Exchanging Worthless Derivative Paper For Future Exorbitant Taxation Of Our Lives.

THE GLASS STEAGALL ACT WILL REVERSE THIS BAILOUT OF THE DERIVATIVE PAPER SCHEME! With our national debt over 12 trillion dollars, the deficit spending by Washington DC continues to mortgage fruits of our future labor to fund federal programs we don’t need and cannot afford. Rand Paul would fight to balance the budget and dramatically…