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It Begins ~ German Bank Charges Negative Interest As Economic Collapse Approaches: G20 Bloodsuckers Classify Your Savings As Paper Investments.

It’s A Wonderful Life Full Movie 1946

In a sane world, developed countries consider financial debt to be a bad thing, especially when it comes to consumer debt, because overwhelming consumer debt is bad when governments are trying to grow their economies.

Growing economies solve a lot of problems for government officials and elected leaders — growing economies provide governments with funding so the government can do the things that its citizens expect it to do: defend them, provide basic infrastructure and perform other services endemic to a modern society.

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Video Taping Is Encouraged By Most U.S. Citizens Employed As city police: Federal Court Rules Videoing City Police Protected By U.S. Constitution!

video police

It’s Perfectly Legal To Film The City Cops

Supreme Court Upholds Legality of Videotaping Police

Following a number of incidents in which individuals were arrested for videotaping police officers, a federal appellate court has ruled that filming government officials while on duty is protected by the First Amendment as most of the arrestees have claimed.

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