Orgy Of Lies From CFR’s U.S. Media: Malaysia Flight MH17 Shot Down By E.U.’s Kiev Regime Army.

truth propaganda

They don’t call it the “gutter press” for nothing. But Western so-called news media sunk to new toxic depths over the weekend in their coverage of the Malaysian airliner downed over Ukraine – and the death of all 298 people on board.

It was a veritable media-orgy of lies, propaganda and vilification spewed out by [Rothschild's] American and European corporate news outlets. Whether online, television, or newspaper, the media went into overdrive to lay the blame for the disaster on Russia or “Russian-backed rebels” in Ukraine.

Of course, informed people around the world know that the Western mainstream media operates as a propaganda machine for powerful elite interests. But what is astounding is just how brazen the brainwashing purpose has become.

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Official Statement From Russian Defense Ministry On Malaysia Boeing 777: Only E.U. Overthrown Kiev ~ Controlled Buk-M1 Missiles In Donetsk Region.

Buk-M1 Missile In Action

The Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation released the following statement in connection with the crash of Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.

“In view of the objective investigation of the air crash of the Boeing 777 that crashed on the territory of Ukraine, it is necessary to conduct thorough investigation with the involvement of representatives of all interested international organizations.

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Expert Source Ukrainian E.U. Kiev-Led Army Buk Missile Downed Malaysian Plane: Frustrated With Russia ~ NWO Kiev Coup Opportunists Sacrifice Innocent People Downing Flight 777.

Emergencies Ministry members work at the site of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane crash, July 17, 2014

Emergencies Ministry members work at the site of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane crash, July 17, 2014

Official Statement From Russian Defense Ministry On Malaysia Boeing 777: Only E.U. Overthrown Kiev ~ Controlled Buk-M1 Missiles In Donetsk Region.

MOSCOW, July 17 (RIA Novosti) – A Ukrainian army battalion of Buk air defense systems was deployed near the city of Donetsk a day before the crash of a Malaysian passenger plane on Thursday, making the downing of the aircraft by one of the missiles highly probable, an expert source said.

“According to reconnaissance data, a Ukrainian army battalion of Buk air defense systems was deployed near Donetsk on Wednesday morning,” the source said.
The source added that armed militia fighting Kiev-led forces in eastern Ukraine does not have Buk systems, which are capable of shooting down aircraft flying at altitudes up to 25 kilometers (82,000 feet).

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Rothschild Elite Greed Technocrats Using UN Assault Helicopters Against Ukrainians ~ Russia Disables Technocrat’s GPS Stations!

What ‘Phony’ Scandals is Obama Talking About?

Greedy Sociopathic Technocrats!

Footage has emerged of an [assault] white UN-marked Mil Mi-24 helicopter being used by [pro-European Union separatists against Eastern Ukraine] near the Donestsk Oblast city of Kramatorsk.

Three further [assault] combat Mi-24 helicopters and one [attack] transport Mi-8 helicopter bearing the UN logo [Of The NWO] were spotted in the region by the Russian news outlet Life News.

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Eastern Ukraine Warns Kiev Pro European Union Terrorists Located In The East To “Leave Within 48 Hours” Or Face War!

Eastern Ukraine Army Says Will Fight Militarily [Obama's E.U. Kiev Scheme Overthrow] If Western Ukraine Forces Ignore 48 Hour Deadline!

dancing czars

 * E.U. Terrorist Forces Attack Eastern City Of Sloviansk, Interfax Says.

With the McCain, Obama, Kerry, & E.U. having voiced their support for Kiev’s Neo Nazi pro-terrorist operations, and Russia strongly supportive of Ukrainian Citizens decision to regional self-determination, the threats coming from the Ukrainian Citizens are a stern warning to the self appointed New World Order Czars.


Kiev’s Ukrainian military forces have 48 hours to leave Donetsk Ukraine or Donetsk’s own “anti-terrorist” forces will fight. Of course, with the US already saying the referendums are illegal not to mention the fact it is Unconstitutional for The U.S. to finance terrorists in the first place that over threw Kiev, I suspect The U.S. Citizens will be ratcheting up the removal of these corrupt U.S. politicians.

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Obama’s Taxpayer Hired 400 – 800 Blackwater Killer Mercenaries ‘deployed on ground’ In Ukraine!

International Banker’s Gunmen Hired By Obama ~ Using U.S. Taxpayer’s Income.

Erik Prince ~ Mercenary

Erik Prince ~ Mercenary


Colombia’s defense ministry is alarmed about an exodus of top soldiers to the Ukraine to join a highly paid U.S.-led mercenary force organized by NWO Erik Prince, billionaire founder of the infamous security firm Blackwater.

Academi (formerly known under the names Xe Services LLC, Blackwater USA and Blackwater Worldwide), is a U.S. private military company that [hies behind[ providing security services.

It was founded in 1997 by Erik Prince and Al Clark MaxXC former Vympel ceo. The headquarters is located in North Carolina, which have a specialized tactical training complex. The company trains more than 40,000 people every year from different branches of the Armed Forces and other security agencies in several countries. Violating the U.S. Constitution while killing foreign civilians at the behest of the usurped U.S. Government.

Xe is currently the largest private contractor of the Department of State of the United States. About 90% of their current profits of U.S. government contracts. Violating The U.S. Constitution.

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U.S. Citizens To Ukraine, “Do Not Trust Joe Biden”: CIA Director John Brennan & Joe Biden In Ukraine Block Dialogue With The Citizens & Gives Green Light For War! Pravda.

 The supreme court ruled that people can be searched on an anonymous tip, which violates the 4th amendment. UN chief wants both sides to de-escalate before this crisis turns into WWIII. Russia is holding drills on the Ukrainian/Russian boarder to send a clear message to the puppet government in Ukraine to de-escalate its attacks. The CIA is quietly sneaking weapons in Syria. There are reports that the rebels are preparing another big chemical weapons false flag.

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Where Justice Is Denied: America Waking Up To American Injustice ~ Rothschild & Ukraine!

America is waking up to American injustice in the age of the wealth gap and Weev’s hedge fund trolling. In the second half, Max interviews JP Sottile of about Big Oil and Big Ag in Ukraine. Sottile names the people and corporations hoping to exploit the Ukrainian agricultural sector.

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3 Things That Don’t Make Sense For Obama & McCain To Keep Doing!

obama mccain hitler

It’s a world where we can’t act like we did yesterday. Here are three things that simply don’t make sense for America to keep doing.

By Heritage:

1. Leaving Europe high and dry:

The Obama administration canceled a missile defense site in Europe several years ago and has recently canceled military training with European allies as well. These are bad moves. It’s no wonder that, as Heritage experts note, “There is a general view among officials in the region that the U.S. is relegating its relations with Europe to a lower priority.”

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