Glass Steagall Act With Stroke Of A Pen Will Nullify Derivative Debt


With Cristiana Muscardini, Deputy Chairman of the International Trade Committee, filing a resolution to effectively restore Glass Steagall in Europe, to be voted upon in the European Parliament, AND with Austria and Belgium seriously considering following in Germany’s footsteps, it certainly SEEMS clear that the “long arm of Wall Street” (as denounced by Michigan Senator Carl Levin) has helped to establish the UNITED STATES as the key contributor to the complete defeat of any global financial reform component in America, whatsoever.

While this may come as some sort of personal shock to those who feel that Big Brother resides in the city of London and that the “men behind the curtains” are mostly Rothschilds or “Royals”, the undeniable fact that the Wall Street captured Administration and especially the Federal Reserve are the modern day equivalent of Mayer Rothschild’s most formidable ambitions to achieve global financial domination should be fairly clear by now.

Though few could have imagined, prior to the Declaration of Independance, that Rothschild would indeed succeed in creating a global cartel of private “central banks” with the authority to control the money supply and interest rate of the currencies of sovereign nations, he most certainly did, and the most powerful of these is obviously the one that controls the supply and rate of the world’s reserve currency.

But that time is coming to an end.

WHEN IT COMES … you will recognize the rallying cry of the GLOBALISTS as they demand that the bankrupt system be bailed out NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES … They will call it a CONTAGION OF LOST CONFIDENCE. CONfidence that we MUST RESTORE – NO MATTER WHAT THE PRICE (of the BAILOUT).

But SOVEREIGNISTS will repudiate the GLOBAL BAILOUT as a DEATH DECREE upon the working classes of the world.

Yes, it will be a little inconvenient when the gas pumps stop taking credit cards and when power systems fail and your bank shutters … but have faith that WE THE PEOPLE can rely on ourselves, our neighbors, our friends and most importantly our STATE GOVERNMENT to issue the credit to restore systems at the basic level, STATE BY STATE.

Some Imperialist money changer might not be able to buy that chain of islands he was banking on, but I think the creature comforts we’ll all be denied for a few weeks, or even months, will come as more of a blow to the “intellectual elite and world bankers” than it will to people who work for a living.

While it may still be a little early to sound off any ALARMS, I am going into surgery tomorrow so this will be my last post for several weeks.

Just remember that money today is nothing more than electronic accounting entries in a computer. Entries to extend credit. All the paper printing that the Fed is doing merely funds those entries. like those made by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, which clears more monetary volume in derivatives transactions in three days than the gross annual GDP of the USA. When i shuts down, thank your maker.

Then turn to your Sovereign State government to help begin rebuilding upon a real world foundation. By then the administrations credibility will be so beyond repair, it won’t be 70% of the American people who are abandoning Obama, it will be more like 97%, the same percent who are getting scrwwed by the 3% global elite they are aligned with.

Let them Fail

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