America Duped At 6.3% Concocted Unemployment: 806,000 Employees Dumped In April!


The US non-farm payrolls data released on Friday at first focused on an increase in new jobs last month but that was something of a mirage with a record 806,000 people dropping out of the labor market in April taking the percentage of adults employed back to a level not seen since 1978.

If this is a recovery this correspondent is a pink elephant. It follows just 0.1 per cent annualized GDP growth in the first quarter and a spectacular slump in new home sales and mortgage lending.

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Banker’s Soviet Senate Set To Vote June 10: S.744 Gives Lifetime Amnesty To 33 Million Foreigners To Work Diminishing American Jobs.

The issue is pretty much as clear as what you see in 30 seconds on the video.

Will we abandon 20 million of our fellow Americans who need a job by allowing lobbyists for wealthy special interests to persuade the Senate to pass the immigration bill?

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Stop Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership: Deadly For Jobs, The Environment, Labor And Consumers!

Corporations fascism

Stop the Global Corporate Coup -> FASCISM!

Sign the petition to President Obama to release the text.

New book on Fast track available for free! Lori Wallach co-wrote a book called “The Rise and Fall of Fast Track” that is online for free: Fast Track is a process used in Congress and without it and it is essential for passage of the TOO.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is poised to become the largest Corporate Trade Agreement in U.S. history. The massive trade and investment pact is currently being negotiated behind-closed-doors between the United States and countries throughout the Pacific Rim — except for 600 big business advisers who are helping to write the law.

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Banker Schemes Re-elected Illegal Immigrant Obama ~ Imposition Of Nazi EPA & Carter Energy Departments Continue.

Elizabeth Keeping It In The Family! Related To Jimmy Carter.

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Who The Hell Is Running This Country? 15 Signs That Layoffs And Job Losses Are Skyrocketing!

If you still have a good job, you might want to hold on to it very tightly because there are a whole bunch of signs that unemployment in the United States is about to start getting worse again.  Over the past several weeks, a substantial number of large corporations have announced disappointing earnings for the third quarter.  Many of those large corporations are also loaded up with huge amounts of debt.

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