Dow Jones Propaganda Average: Banking Cabal’s Algorithms vs U.S. Justice System

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Author : Andrew Hoffman
Published: October 5th, 2015

There are many ways I could start today’s “jobs Friday” post-mortem – which in hindsight, may serve as the final dagger in the heart of U.S. “recovery” propagandists.

Of course, said “recovery” never was – with the only way the Fed has been able to pretend otherwise was via unprecedented money printing, market manipulation, and propaganda.

Oh, they’re still at it – now, more than ever. However, now that the propaganda “leg” of the aforementioned “evil tripod” is decidedly broken, it is overcompensating with the other two legs; to the point that, unless you truly don’t want to see – or have an agenda otherwise – it is simply not possible to ignore.

Market Capitulation

To wit, the “sixth sigma” similarity of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s silver and “Dow Jones Propaganda Average” charts.

Don’t forget, Monday was a horrific day for the Dow (Catalonian elections, crashing commodities/Glencore, etc.); closing 312 points lower at – LOL – 16,001.

Moreover, only a last second, 150 point “hail mary” algorithm Tuesday – following similarly blatant PPT “defenses” [Plunge Protection Team] at 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 1:00 PM EST – prevented it from closing below the key round number of 16,000. djia 1052015

Clearly, gold and silver’s strong – albeit, capped – Monday performance; potentially, yielding catalyzing positive PM sentiment – had to be “quashed.”

And thus, amidst yet another day of PM [Precious Metals] bullish news Tuesday, silver was met by the ubiquitous “Cartel Heraldalgorithm at the equally ubiquitous 12:00 PM EST “cap of last resort.”

As the week continued – and remember, it was just the prior week when the Fed not only “surprised” markets by not raising rates, but hinted at the potential for “ZIRP to Infinity” – the economic news continued to worsen. Thus, just as occurred last month following a major Dow decline, the PPT goosed stock futures Monday night – only to watch prices erode Tuesday morning, prompting the unleashing of a prototypical “hail mary” recovery algorithm at day’s end.

And when stock prices again plunged Wednesday morning, the PPT simply pulled out the same “hail mary” algorithm to bull prices back to unchanged. And would you look at the, silver’s gains Wednesday and Thursday were capped by the “same Bat time, same Bat channel” Cartel Herald algorithm – making it three days in a row, with the identical capping pattern!djia

Back to “markets” in a second; but suffice to say, anyone that denies stocks; “paper gold and silver”; and nearly everything else, for that matter, are manipulated – is either lying, or has an ugly, sinister agenda.

That said, let’s fast forward to this morning – when, despite no material news, Dow Futures were again 100 points higher; and gold and silver prices again attacked at the “2:15 AM” open of the thinly-traded London “pre-open” session, for the 522nd time in the past 596 trading days.

As I drove at 6:00 AM MST to tape my inaugural appearance on Steve Curtis’ “Wake Up” radio show in Denver – i.e., 30 minutes before the September NFP jobs report – I considered a “dream scenario” in which:

  1. “jobs” created was well below the +200,000 consensus –
  2. featuring ZERO manufacturing jobs;
  3. a flat or lower unemployment rate –
  4. due to a new 40-year low Labor Participation rate;
  5. significant downward revisions of prior NFP reports;
  6. zero or negative workweek and wage growth; and
  7. the typically ugly mix of “part-time,” minimum wage jobs making up the bulk – if not all – of said “jobs.”

Throw in a hoped for “icing,” in the form of a worse than expected industrial production report, and I’d be in heaven.


Well, guess what? Everything I hoped for occurred, in spades.

For the sake of brevity, let’s just say that absolutely everything noted above occurred – to the point that no sentient being can any longer pretend the economy is going anywhere than straight down – which is exactly what I have been saying all along.

Goldman Sachs, by the way – famous for [propaganda] catastrophic long-term predictions like the BRICS leading the global economy for the next 50 years – predicted the NFP report would “beat” expectations, despite myriad economic data screaming otherwise, both here and overseas.

thinking gif

[~ THE “major” FAILURE MUST NOT HAPPEN DURING “obamas term”, IT MUST BEGIN ON THE NEXT “presidential term” LIKE ALL ATTEMPTED “nwo zionist” SETUPS FOR CHAOS DO ~]

And now, with the Fed certain to maintain zero interest rates at its October 28th meeting, only the December 16th meeting stands between Janet Yellen holding off a full year from when she said she espoused our expectation of a March 2015, to at least early 2016. <= Americans Can’t Afford The Future: The Rothschilds

For the record, Goldman now says the Fed will do nothing at the December meeting – as if they’d jeopardize Wall Street bonuses a week before Christmas – but that it will be a “close call.”

Compromised Capitalism Is Known As Keynesian Economics aka; Crony Capitalism!

Yes, a “close call.” As if Goldman, like the Fed, has the slightest clue what the world will look like on December 16th.

Well, why not ask someone who’s been right about the direction of the economy from the second it peaked at the turn of the century; i.e., me! And per the title of today’s article, “me” is not only certain an October rate hike is off the table, but that the Fed will NEVER raise rates again.

That is, until soaring inflation expectations, care of Whirlybird Janet’s red hot printing press [An Act Against The U.S. Constitutional Republic], force them to do so.

Which, given the hundreds of trillions of debt held throughout the world – more in the U.S. than anywhere else – will destroy what’s left of the global economy in a picosecond.

fraud nullification debt

What Can Stop The Rothschild’s Game In A Picosecond Also Is To Nullify The Counterfeited Debt Like Iceland.

But hey, no matter how bad things get, the Fed and Goldman Sachs will always have MSM lackeys – so long as they still have readerships – to spread the gospel of the aforementioned “broken leg” of the evil tripod.

Rothschild's Koolaid
Rothschild’s Koolaid

MSM = Rothschild Media

To that end, I don’t know which statement is more pathetic –

  1. Yahoo! Finance claiming “the economy is stronger than the weak job numbers suggest”; or the
  2. Atlanta Fed putting out a report claiming “the decrease in labor force participation among prime-age (25-54) individuals has been driven mostly by the share who say they currently don’t want a job!”

Yahoo economy

Pathetic – and patently unflattering – propaganda aside, this is the worst imaginable scenario for the U.S. economy. Which, given the recent plunge in stocks, commodities, and subsequent economic data, will only get worse as the fourth quarter unfolds.

Clearly, the high-yield credit market knows it – per what I wrote Wednesday. And as of today, the U.S. Treasury market knows it, too – with the benchmark 10-year Treasury yield crashing below 2.0%, knowing full well QE4 is coming.

Clearly, the stock market – and Precious Metals – knew it, too; at least, early on, when the Dow opened more than 200 points lower, and PMs surged higher.

However, lo and behold, the PPT [Plunge Protection Team] was not to be denied; using the same, blatantly obvious “dead ringer” algorithm as always to turn major losses – LOL, the Dow’s low was 16,013 – into a 200 point gain.

And how about that? The NASDAQ’s 1.7% closing gain – after being down 1.7% early on – nearly exceeded gold’s gain of…drum roll please…exactly 2.0%; i.e., the Cartel’s long-standing “limit up” daily appreciation.

And just like Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – not to mention, thousands of trading days over the past decade; whilst the PPT – supported Dow rose throughout the day, gold and silver were stopped cold by – how about that – the same “Cartel Herald” algorithm, at exactly the 12:00 PM “cap of last resort.”

That said, I’ll take silver’s 5% gain any day!


Irrespective, no matter how much “market manipulation lipstick” the PPT and Cartel put on this pig of an NFP report, the fact remains that as far as Fed “rate hikes” (LOL), the entire world now realizes it’s

Timmy Geithner
Timmy Geithner

“October down, and Infinity to go.”

  1. When The Herd Turns!
  2. Outgoing Rothschild Puppet Geithner: Urges Nations To Let Their Currencies Rise In Value!
  3. Tim Geithner Oversaw Obama’s $2 Trillion Back Door Bailouts Of Fraud Pumped Stock Markets & Banks For Inside Traders To Bet Against!

As for Precious Metals, this year’s RECORD WORLDWIDE DEMAND; amidst COLLAPSING GLOBAL INVENTORIES; and care of the Cartel’s destruction of the mining industry over the past 15 years, the WEAKEST PRODUCTION OUTLOOK IN DECADES, the already mega-tight physical markets will only get tighter.

Silver Fear

 To wit, perhaps the best of Steve St. Angelo’s amazing analytical work was published today – of how dramatically rising silver demand is swamping global production.

With India and the U.S. – yes, the U.S. – expected to consume 63% of the entire world’s production this year, clearly the global silver deficit is surging from massive to unparalleled.

I mean heck, China and India are running neck and neck for the title of largest gold consumer, so clearly China’s silver consumption will account for whatever’s left of global production – and then some.

Which leaves one wondering – where in the heck will the supply come from – as not only are their another four billion people outside China, India, and the U.S.; but global above-ground inventories are no more than two billion ounces – most of which, like mine, is NOT FOR SALE?

Silver 5Xs More Rare Than Gold
Silver 5Xs More Rare Than Gold

In other words, the end game for the Cartel – hopefully, in 2016 – is rapidly approaching, as is the “end of belief [that] Central banks can save us.” [W/O JUSTICE?]

In my view, today’s unfathomably horrible NFP jobs report is as much of a “seminal event, in a collapsing global economy” as “Diesel-Gate,” Glencore, Catalonia, and the myriad “mega-horrible headlines” enveloping the world at an alarming pace.

Miles Franklin

  1. Did you know that Wesley Snipes “Blade” got 3 years for “misdemeanor” tax evasion?
  2. Did you know that Tax Evader Tom Daschle who wrote Obamacare got none?
  3. Did you know Tax Evader Tim Geithner also author of $2 Trillion Back Door Bailouts got none?
  4. Did you know 36 Obama Aides Owe $833,000 In Back Taxes!
  5. Did you know Lois Capps Author Of The Hidden ‘Capp’s Law’ In Obamacare Caught Evading “Uh Fails To Report” $500,000.00 Dollars For Income Tax!

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