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Socialism And Degrees Thereof : Marxism, Zionism, Communism, National Socialism/Naziism, Fascism, Elitism, Progressives

CHECK THIS OUT FROM 1940-1956 Educational video presented by Herbert A. Philbrick, former undercover agent for the FBI, author of “I Led 3 Lives.” Herbert Philbrick, a Boston advertising executive who infiltrated the U.S. Communist Party on behalf of the FBI in the 1940s, wrote a bestselling book on the topic, I Led Three Lives:…

Obama: Most Secretive, Closed Administration Since Lenin

No, We Cant President Obama enjoys comparing himself favorably to his predecessor. As a candidate he called the Bush Administration “one of the most secretive, closed administrations in history.” As President, Obama has pledged “an unprecedented level of openness in government.” Unless, that is, you want to voice your opinion as a citizen on whether…

Obama : Rothschild’s Eye For The American Guy!

Democrats, and the progressive left in particular, exploit the poor, they use the poor, they write speeches about them, and manipulate their “unrepresented voices” in debates. But one thing is increasingly clear from the Obama administration and the popular left in America, they don’t have any interest in helping them. It is easy to explain…

The Mirage Is Over – Sanders Sells Out To Socialism!

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) vigorously defended a corporatist compromise stuck Thursday altering his proposed amendment on auditing the Federal Reserve, calling the current language “unprecedented and historic” even in the face of critique that he had “sold out.” Deutsche Bank Built This: Do You Wanna Play A Game? ~ Death is a surprise party.

Obama’s Anal Masturbating, Socialist Spiritual Advisor: Jimmy Wallis!

Now that he no longer draws spiritual succor from Jeremiah Wright—the America-hating, racist demagogue who served as his pastor and spiritual mentor for twenty years—Barack Obama has turned elsewhere for guidance in the task of carrying out his political duties while remaining true to his religious values.